5-1 As discussed in Chapter 12, planning and control processes should be integrated; that is, both processes should be used to obtain feedback that will al

5-1 As discussed in Chapter 12, planning and control processes should be integrated; that is, both processes should be used to obtain feedback that will al

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As discussed in Chapter 12, planning and control processes should be integrated; that is, both processes should be used to obtain feedback that will allow the marketing team to successfully reach strategic objectives through the marketing plan. 

For your initial post:

describe the importance of timely information flow/feedback in terms of your chosen healthcare organization and marketing plan. Based on your chosen product or service, why would it be important for managers and planners to obtain information concerning marketing results? Why would reports for a particular timeframe (weekly, monthly, quarterly) be important concerning your product or service? How would the feedback in these reports be used to control the future of your marketing plan? 





The organization that this paper has specifically chosen in this case is Steven healthcare organization. This is an organization in that healthcare that has been existing for many years and the services that it does specifically offer to its customers and clients have been standing out for many years and this is something that has made the organization to stand out in a field that has been considered to be very competitive (Misirlis & Vlachopoulou, 2018). Through many years, the organization staff members have been doing their best and have been dedicated to not only meeting but also exceeding the goal that the company has and that is providing care that is of high quality not only to the residents but to also their loved ones.

Many of the staff members that the healthcare organization has in this case have been working in the organization for many years and this has made them to consider the facility as being a place that they can call home. There are many services that the organization does offer to its cli8ents. Some of these services offered include a living alternative for the people that are considered to being unable to take of themselves. The staffs of the organization are committed to providing care that is exceptional for the clients that do come to the organization every time. The goal of the company is therefore not only to care for the body but also to care for all aspects of the body that includes the mind and the soul. When one cannot live and recover in their home them the organization give residents to such clients and this makes them to feel at home since all of their needs are met in the best and most professional way.

Marketing objectives

Having a marketing objective is one thing that is very important that any organization that is working in any sector should always seek to have. In this case therefore, there key marketing objectives that Stevens Healthcare organization has and these marketing objectives are the ones that do specifically influence the actions that are carried out by the organization. Some of the key marketing objectives that the organization has include using the social media to build up the brand. The healthcare industry has been constantly been changing and the need to adapt to these changes is something that is very important in case if the organization is to survive (Bentahar, 2018). The need to therefore ensure that as an organization it uses social media to build up the brand is something that the organization has seek to embrace. Building a reputation is something that is important if attracting long term customers is to be achieved. One way of establishing a reputable brand is by using the social media platforms in doing this. the organization has therefore done so much to ensure that this is achieved., the organization has established different social media platforms where it not only use them to communicate important information to its clients but also these social media platforms are used a medium of advertising and marketing the brand as a whole.

Another key marketing objective that the organization has is to ensure that it does create and publish relevant content in its different platforms. Currently many people are enhancing in different sites and this makes them to judge the proficiency of an organization based in the content that it does publish in different sites or even sources (Misirlis & Vlachopoulou, 2018). The organization therefore is aware of this and it has made tremendous efforts and made it to be a goal that it will only publish relevant content and this will help in attracting more clients and therefore marketing the brand as a whole.

Objectives and the Role of the Organization.

Looking at the objectives that the organization has in this case, they are clearly aligned with the role that the organization has. Looking at the main goal of the organization n, it states that it aims at meeting and exceeding the goal of providing quality care that is uncompromised to the clients that the organization has (Bentahar, 2018). The objectives in this case are therefore geared to achieving this main goal. The objective to use social media helps in ensuring that the organization not only reaches a bigger population but also it ensures that the organization does receive any complaints and communicate with its clients in the easiest and the best possible way. This objective enhances the relationship that can be established between the organization leadership and the patients. Establishing this relationship specifically will help in ensuring that the needs of the patients or clients in the organization are met and this means that the services will be of high quality. In this case therefore we can argue and conclude that the objectives that the organization are clearly aligned with the role of the organization at large.

Key Marketing Objective that should be considered by Marketing Director

As a marketing director, it is your responsibility to ensure that the objectives that are being looked at or that are being considered are the ones that are considered to be key or rather important for the success of the organization. Some of these key marketing objectives that should therefore be considered by the marketing director include building awareness (Bentahar, 2018). in most cases, people out in the market do not consider coming to get services from the organization simply because they lack information on the services that the organization is offering. Giving information and awareness on what exactly the organization is concerned with should be a priority to the marketing director.

The second objective that the marketing director should consider looking at is launching new products or services. This to some extent usually does not look like a marketing objective but to a very huge extent, this play a very significant role in the process of ensuring that the organization get a bigger market share and also increase its sale. Coming up with new products and services means that innovation has to be increased and this will be directly translated in the quality of services being provided. This therefore is a very important or key marketing objective that any marketing director should ensure that they do consider when they are coming up with objectives.


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