6-1 Discussion: Make Your Case

6-1 Discussion: Make Your Case

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Take a position. Do you agree or disagree that an emphasis on discipline and a zero tolerance approach in schools with a large minority or disadvantaged population creates a school-to-prison pipeline?

First, title your initial post either “An emphasis on discipline / zero tolerance in schools with large minority or disadvantaged populations DOES create a school-to-prison pipeline” or “An emphasis on discipline / zero tolerance in schools with large minority or disadvantaged populations DOES NOT create a school-to-prison pipeline.”

Then, make your case. Does this pipeline exist? Is there a disproportionate number of minority or disadvantaged juveniles in the juvenile justice system? Consider “the disproportionality of juveniles from disadvantaged backgrounds becoming incarcerated because of harsh school or local policies” (Peak). What do you think causes this? If you don’t think it is caused by strict school policies, why does this seem to be the case on the surface? What can be done to minimize the pipeline or the appearance of a pipeline? Beyond strong discipline and zero tolerance, what other approaches should schools take to ensure safety and discipline?

In your responses to your peers, consider the alternatives they propose. Do they seem achievable? What gaps do you see? Do you have any ideas that could expand on their initial proposal?


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