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Please find attached the instructions for our fifth assignment.  We will be discussing this further in class this week. For those of you who listen to podcasts, you will also be able to find Market Foolery on most podcast apps, such as Public Radio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.  However, I have given you direct links that will open in your web browser, so there is no need for you to search out the specific podcasts.
Write up a single-spaced paper (500 words) Please save your file as “Student Name, ID #, Assignment 5”Please save your file as a Word document, not as a PDF. You will complete Assignment 5 by listening, reflecting on, and submitting a short reaction paper pertaining to the podcasts and our classroom discussion this week.  The podcasts are short, ranging from two (2) to eight (8) minutes each; you can choose any 3 of the 6 podcasts you wish to listen to and reflect on. After listening to the three podcast segments of your choice, you must then write your paper:

  1. Consisting of a short content overview of each of the three podcast segments. This content review section should be brief.
  2. You then need to connect each podcast segment to our class conversation, highlighting how the pandemic is impacting our industry from a liquidity and solvency point of view.  How will companies manage their balance sheets, so they survive
  3. -Optional- I am not asking you to share personal and confidential financial information with me.   Rather, take this time to personally reflect on your own current personal balance sheet, and think of ways you could actively manage your own balance sheet to be able to financially survive this pandemic.  How could you improve your short-term liquidity? Your long-term solvency?  What are the specific changes you might consider making?
  4. Submit an electronic copy of your paper to Blackboard before the beginning of our Week 7 class.  The quality of your writing and the earnestness of your industry examination are vitally important.  Be sure to check your writing very carefully prior to submission.
  5. Your submission must saved as a Word document.  If it is submitted as a PDF, it must be resubmitted prior to grading. 

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