Annotated Bibliography for a health policy analysis An annotated bibliography for a health policy analysis. 20 sources has to be in it. Focus on number 8 i

Annotated Bibliography for a health policy analysis An annotated bibliography for a health policy analysis. 20 sources has to be in it. Focus on number 8 i

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Annotated Bibliography for a health policy analysis An annotated bibliography for a health policy analysis. 20 sources has to be in it. Focus on number 8 in the instructions. 

I attached a topic that I think would be useful. Instructions: Find a total of 20 sources (5 must be data sources) to be used for your Health Policy Analysis Thesis.

Health Policy Analysis Topic (what problem are you trying to solve?)

Answer: _______________________________________________________________

Using a concept map can help focus your literature review and develop search strategies. The Subject of the Experiment is your Health Policy Analysis Problem. Brainstorm the different ways to think about your topic.

Subject of Experiment

Descriptors (subject terms in databases)
Broader Terms
Key Terms
Theories and Methods
Setting or Situation
Narrower Terms



Suggestion for sources! (Business Source Complete, ABI/Inform Collection, Health Sciences & Nursing Databases, Combined Search, MEDLINE).

1. Identify what terms to search. Think of synonyms. What terms best describe your problem? Add these terms to your concept map. This step will help you define and limit the scope of your topic. Write down the terms.



2. Identify at least 1 agency that provides data on this problem. Use the data sources located in the capstone resources page to find out. Put the source in APA.



3. Find 20 sources related to your problem statement. Five of the sources must include data.

4. Create an annotated bibliography. Requirements include:

· Proper APA reference.
· Summary of each source in your own words.
· Your annotations will be evaluated on the following:

· A proper APA citation.
· A brief summary of the source in your own words. The summary should include at minimum:
· A sentence regarding the methodology used in the study.
· A sentence regarding the conclusions found.
· One or two sentences of what you perceive to be the strengths and weaknesses of the source.
· A sentence regarding why the source is relevant to the problem in your thesis.
· Information about the author’s background.

The Data sources will be evaluated on this additional information:

· A sentence regarding the methodology used for data studies. If you are using raw data, explain how the data was collected.
· Describe the type of data. Is it quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods? Prof. W./G. are looking for quantitative data.
· If it is a study, describe the type of research (observational, experimental, interview, etc
· Describe the type of study (observational vs. experimental, longitudinal vs. cross-sectional, etc.).
· Is this a descriptive study or a study involving hypothesis testing in which statistical tests were used?

· What are the key variables that were measured or tested? (disease prevalence, score of the experimental test, total cost, etc.)

· A sentence regarding how this data is relevant to your health policy analysis thesis.
· A sentence on where you will use this data source in your thesis (background, landscape, options, recommendation, conclusion).

The table below may help you organize your thoughts.



Type, Method &
Data Source (Sample)

Variables collected or tested

Framework, Statistics Used



Relationship to Topic

Write down key citation information now, so you have it for later.

What is the author’s purpose in writing this work?

Is this a descriptive study or hypothesis-testing study? How was this research conducted? How did they collect data?

What approach does the author use to understand, explain, or make predictions about the subject matter?

What are the findings of the study?

What are flaws or limitations of the study?

EXAMPLE: Bear, M., Brunell, M. L., & Covelli, M. (2010). Using a Nursing Framework to Establish a Nurse-Managed Senior Health Clinic. Journal of Community Health Nursing, 14(4), 225-235.

Describe the development and evaluation of a new Senior Health Clinic.

Case Study
Senior Health Clinic

Descriptive study (no group comparison)

1.Patient’s characteristics (demographic ,medical and social determinants)

2.Health outcome : Client satisfaction

Cox’s Interactional Model for Client health Behavior(IMCHB)

A new clinic was established and a framework for assessment of services has been put in place. It is too early for more specific results.

Client satisfaction was the only health outcome operationalized in this study. Case studies inherently limited in terms of applicability across situations.

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