business law case study

business law case study

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Drunk Driving Could Start to End Forever, as Soon as 2024, Government Says

New bipartisan Senate bill calls for onboard test equipment in every new car to prevent it from starting if driver’s BAC is 0.08 or higher.

In an age in which cars are getting loaded up with active and passive safety equipment to the point of being able to (nearly) drive themselves, a few U.S. senators are looking to put one more piece of safety technology on board. This time, it’s alcohol-detection equipment. With 30 people dying in alcohol-related vehicle accidents on American roads every day, or about one every 48 minutes, it’s no wonder the federal government is looking for a way to make those numbers decline.

This will increase the price of a car for everyone.  Share your thoughts on this legislation.  Consider your submission for assignment 2 this week – will this be additional information that a court could access in the case of an accident?  

Can you think of any other technology that has been put into a vehicle or is proposed that could infringe on personal information?

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