Challenges and Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

Challenges and Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

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  1. Scenario
    You are a new manager of a small company that is expanding rapidly. At your previous company, diversity was the center point of the company’s initiatives and played a critical role in their success within the industry. Diversity is not the focal point at your new company, and for a continuously growing and successful company, it should be. You decide to create a presentation that focuses on diversity and present it at an upcoming management meeting.
    Create a presentation (slides and speaker’s notes) that:

    • Examines the concepts of primary and secondary diversity.
    • Discusses the differences, provides examples for each, and addresses the role of impacting individual perspectives.
    • Explains the benefits of employing a diverse workforce with example.
    • Provides research and examples to analyze the outcomes of companies in today’s market.
    • Illustrates the challenges of employing a diverse workforce with example.
    • Be sure the presentation displays proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and credible sources cited in APA format.
    • Resources
    • Business Writing Guide – PowerPoints Tab
    • APA Guide
    • Gale (topic overviews)
    • Discovery (articles and ebooks)
    • Business via ProQuest (articles)

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