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Chapter 10 And 11

Chapter 10


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Chapter 10

Chapter 11

International Promotion Review Questions

  1. Define international marketing and define marketing. What is the difference between them?
  2. What are the four components of the marketing mix?
  3. Discuss international promotion as it was defined and discussed in your reading this week.
  4. 4. Define a market and give an example of an international market.
  5. What is the company’s communication strategy and why is it critical to the success of an international marketing campaign?


International Global Supply Chain Review Questions


1. Define the global supply chain for corporations doing business around the world.  Carefully share each element of the supply chain.

2. What are distribution channels and what is their importance to the global supply chain?

3. Describe the distribution management choices companies have when entering new international markets.

4. What advantages and disadvantages to marketing channels bring to businesses?

5. What methodologies do companies use in organizing various channels to support the supply chain?

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