Cib 535 Proper network design provides for compliant security, not only isolating users and their traffic, but also preventing attackers from easily traver

Cib 535 Proper network design provides for compliant security, not only isolating users and their traffic, but also preventing attackers from easily traver

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Cib 535 Proper network design provides for compliant security, not only isolating users and their traffic, but also preventing attackers from easily traversing a network.

Using Microsoft Visio or another online network diagramming tool, diagram the network that was analyzed in the Topic 1 “Quantify the System” assignment.

Then, create a diagram for a better approach for compliance, based on one of the following frameworks: PCI, HIPAA, NIST, or any other accepted framework.

Ideally, the network will be an Enterprise class consisting of 1000+ clients for various corporate departments, with 50-100 servers providing typical network services. The network infrastructure will be using Layer 3 switches and layered routing to provide separation of subnets.

Your diagram, at a minimum, should include the following secure network design elements: Firewalls, IDS/IPS, DMZ, Vlans, Border and Gateway routers, private IP addressing, Isolated Server Subnets, Network Access Control, and VPN concentrator. QUANTIFYING A NETWORK USING NMAP 2

Quantifying a System

Ivie, Omobhude
Grand Canyon University
CYB 535—0500 Policy Management for Security Solutions
July 20, 2021


NMAP is a network mapper that makes it easy to detect changes and new systems on the network. Typically, it is used in host delivery, port scanning, version detection, and OS detection. In this case, I am using the Nmap software to quantify my home network on my pc. I am using the Windows operating system; therefore, below are the steps on installing and configuring Nmap GUI software on the Windows operating system.

How hackers will try to have access to the network

The Hacker will identify the system network ports that are active. If the network ports are vulnerable, they have got a backdoor, and then the Hacker will use the address to scan the ports on my home network. The Hacker will get the information of the system by conducting passive footprinting.

Guidance in Installation and configuration of NMAP software in windows operating system;

Step 1 – Browse to and download the latest self-installer

Step 2 – Run the downloaded .exe file. In the window that opens, accepts the license terms;

Step 3 – Choose the components to install. By default, the Zenmap GUI will be installed;

Step 4 – Select the install location and click install

Step 5 – The Installation should be completed in a couple of minutes.

The number and type of system attached to the system network

Below I have taken a screenshot to show the number of devices and the type of system attached to my network;

From the above image it has been found that;
· Fifteen(15) devices have been connected to my network system and, at the same time switched on.
· Some of the clear devices include; Raspberry Pi Foundation, Amazon technologies device, Samsung device, devices manufactured by Dell, laptop, and PC. The Avaya device, Liteon technology, and Elite Group computer system some of which you need to look into to see them. Some devices are unknown and require one to perform a deep scan to the network system to identify them.

What is on the network

I have connected raspberry pi directly to my network system that I have just implemented.

Who is on the network

The Samsung device which someone is using is connected to the network system that I have just implemented, and this means that already someone is using my network that I implemented.

The Policies implemented

The organization’s network policy is to keep track of the devices connected to the network, who is on their network. By knowing this, the organizations detect the device or person that is suspect to impact the network. In addition, the network policy describes an organization’s security control. This aims to keep malicious users out while mitigating risky users within the home network organization. Finally, the security policy defines the policies that will be enforced.

The Network design


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