College Algebra Throughout this course, there are many different learning aids available to assist you with understanding the material. Watch the Introduct

College Algebra Throughout this course, there are many different learning aids available to assist you with understanding the material. Watch the Introduct

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College Algebra Throughout this course, there are many different learning aids available to assist you with understanding the material. Watch the Introduction to Learning Tools video here, and practice using the tools within your Unit I Homework Assignment. You may access a copy of the transcript by clicking on this link. (v) What learning tools do think will be the most beneficial? (vi) Why?



I don’t know what my future goals are yet! I have a few opportunities within my company opening up and I am unsure of what I want to do! 

The learning tools that I think will be the most beneficial are the videos and the skill builder. 

I am just recently familiarizing myself with online learning. Watching the videos will make it seem more traditional like in-class learning. Skill builder will be beneficial because sometimes the pressure of a graded assignment makes me lose my thought processes, so having the capability to step back and work out a problem to make sure that I am doing it correctly will be nice. Learning Tool Transcript

Throughout your homework assignment you will have a variety

of learning aids to help you complete each problem. These aids were

designed to give you a deeper understanding of the material and are

presented in different ways in order to engage all different types of

learners. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with each

tool and utilize them as often as you would like.

Instructional videos:

This course contains several instructional videos to help you with

your assignments. You must click on the video link before completing

each set of homework questions. Clicking on the link will open the

video in a new window. You do not need to watch the entire video if

you have already mastered that particular concept.

These videos are also located in each homework question as

“assigned media.” If you select this button, the instructional video you

previously viewed will appear.

Skill Builder

Skill Builder is an adaptive learning feature that allows you to

practice questions that are similar to your homework problem. To

access Skill Builder, click on the button. You will be directed to a

different screen. This feature walks you through a series of questions

to help you learn the concepts needed to answer your homework

problem. Accessing this feature does not interfere with your homework

grade and you are not penalized if you get a Skill Builder question

incorrect. When you are finished using Skill Builder, you may select

the “Return to Homework” button.

Question help

Learning aids can be found under the “Question Help” menu

located in the upper right corner of the screen for every question in

your homework. These learning aids are called: (1) Help Me Solve This

(2) View an Example (3) Textbook and (4) Ask My Instructor. Please

note that you may also have access to a couple of these learning aids

in your assessments for some, but not all math courses.

In addition to these four learning aids, some but not all

homework problems may have a “Video” or “Animation” located un der

the “Question Help” menu. These learning aids use different types of

media to show you how to solve a similar homework question.

Help Me Solve This

The “help me solve this” button walks you through the necessary steps

to solve your exact homework problem. If you use this feature,

MyMathLab will automatically mark your question as incorrect and give

you another question to try. You will receive credit for the problem

when you get the new question correct.

View an example

The “view an example” button provides you with a step-by-step

example similar to your homework question. You can follow the steps

outlined in this example to work through your problem.


The “textbook” button will navigate you to a specific section in

your online textbook. Once you are done viewing the textbook, you

can navigate back to your homework. You can also leave the online

textbook window open so you can reference it at a later time.

Ask My Instructor

The “Ask My Instructor” button will send an email containing

your exact homework question directly to your professor. You can ask

your professor any question and explain your issue directly in the

email so your instructor can assist you. It is strongly recommended

that you use this button at any time during your homework. Your

professor wants to help!

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