Communication Portfolio 5

Communication Portfolio 5

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Communication Portfolio 5 Communication Portfolio Assignment, 

Assignment: Communication Portfolio – Meeting Agenda

Meetings are a regular part of business; you may even call them a necessary evil. Often, we don’t consider the costs associated with meetings—whether they are actual tangible expenses or the cost of down time and lost productivity. Therefore, you have to utilize your communication skills to ensure that meetings are efficient and serve a valuable purpose. 

Going back to our scenario, imagine that Anthony’s Orchard hosts quarterly departmental meetings. The general purpose of these meetings is to inform employees of critical updates and performance outcomes, in addition to allowing an open forum for employees to ask questions or express concerns. For this fiscal year, the executive team is considering combined quarterly meetings. This means that all departments (human resources, marketing, sales, operations, finance and accounting, and IT) will join together. You have been asked to put together a proposed meeting agenda for the first combined quarterly meeting to be held on the second Thursday in April. Be mindful that members of the sales team, operations, and finance and accounting may be working remotely on any given day. You will need to decide how the meeting announcement and agenda will be communicated to peers.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially:

· Quintanilla, K. M., & Wahl, S. T. (2020). Business and professional communication: KEYS for workplace excellence (4th ed.) Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

· Chapter 7, “Strengthening Teams and Conducting Meetings”

· Chapter 14, “Work-Life Balance” 

· Laureate Education (Producer). (2015). Sample corporate website: Anthony’s Orchard. Retrieved from

· Mind Tools. (2018). Communication planning: Getting the right message across in the right way. Retrieved from

To complete the Communication Portfolio Assignment, 

Compose a cohesive document that addresses the following:

· Review the purpose of the meeting and why it is necessary.

· Discuss the best format for the meeting (in person, teleconference, videoconference, or combination).

· How will you inspire colleagues to come to the meeting prepared? Keep in mind that this is a new format, and people are busy.

· Finally, on a separate page, submit your proposed agenda.


 You can use a Microsoft Word Agenda template or any other template you feel meets the assignment requirements.

· 3- 4 pages in length, including the proposed agenda

· No plagiarism

· APA citing

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