Cruisin’ Fusion1 Now that the Cruisin’ Fusion website is up and running, you and your team have decided to run a contest on the blog asking customers to na

Cruisin’ Fusion1 Now that the Cruisin’ Fusion website is up and running, you and your team have decided to run a contest on the blog asking customers to na

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Cruisin’ Fusion1 Now that the Cruisin’ Fusion website is up and running, you and your team have decided to run a contest on the blog asking customers to name the latest fusion recipe. In order to participate, the customer will need to enter their first and last name, phone number, and an email address, as well as the suggested fusion name. The winner of the contest will receive a $20 gift card.
Kiran supports this idea but has concerns she wants the team to consider before moving forward. She has asked that you prepare a 6- to 10-slide presentation, with speaker notes, for the next web meeting to address the following:

Research and assess the ethical issues related to data customer collection and information management. How will customer information be protected?
Research and examine the need to protect the intellectual property of the customers who submit name suggestions. What protection will Cruisin’ Fusion need in order to use the name suggested by the winner? What protection or disclaimer does the customer require?
Include a 1/2-page disclaimer to add to the blog for customers outlining the contest rules, explaining how their personal information will be used and stored, and discussing the use of all intellectual property submitted as part of the contest. 8/19/2021 Cruisin’ Fusion 1/1

Web Meeting


Kiran: Hi all – glad everyone could make it.
Kiran: Oh, where’s Parker?
Aubra: Hi Kiran, Kevin I think Parker was just getting some files from the ftp site.
Parker: I’m here. I was just browsing through the website of World Wide Web Consortium – you know,
Kiran: Parker, W3C is a great reference site for web standards. Best to stick to those.
Aubra: I’m curious to see if we all agree on those questions Kiran asked.
Kiran: OK, let’s put up the first question with your answers – I’ll put checks for the correct answers.
Kiran: You all did very well on this.
Aubra: Pretty good, I’d say!
Aubra: What about the primary goal for Cruisin’ Fusion? I’m curious to see what everyone thought about
Kiran: OK, let me see what you all said.
Kiran: Well, I see most of you thought the main goal should be to facilitate offline relationships.
Aubra: I thought so, but Kevin didn’t.
Kiran: I agree with you Aubra.
Parker: Right… I see Kevin chose Sell products or services — we’ll probably want to do some of that, but
facilitating offline relationships should be the main goal.
Kiran: And as for the type of relationships you’ll be building, that would be B2C
Aubra: yes, business to consumer.
Parker: We all agree on that then.
Kiran: Let’s switch to another important topic — the name you want for your website. It has to be unique, so
it can be mapped to your actual IP address in the Domain Name System.
Parker: That will be the URL , right? We’ll put that on all the trucks and our business cards.
Kiran: Right, Parker.
Aubra: Should be easy to remember, too. With cruisinfusion in it.
Kiran: I’ll put up some choices with cruisinfusion, but with different top-level domains. You guys can vote
again and click submit.
Kevin : A
Aubra: A
Parker: a
Kiran: OK, looks like everyone agrees! it will be.
Aubra: haha we all agree. Best to go with the dot com.
Parker: Absolutely. Org is actually for nonprofits, and we want to make a profit.
Kiran: You can buy some others, too, in case people can’t spell.
Parker: Good idea, Kiran. Like
Aubra: or cruzinfusion?
Kiran: Right. That way, they’ll find your website even if they misspell the name.
Aubra: Do we need to put the http:// on our business cards?
Kiran: That stands for hypertext transfer protocol. Browsers will just assume that a website uses that
protocol, so no need for customers to type all that.
Kiran:OK, I gotta go but will put some more questions in your docs folder. I’ll send email to set up another
Parker: If only websites could transmit the wonderful cooking smells from the truck!

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