Cruisin’ Fusion2 The Cruisin’ Fusion taco trucks are gaining popularity, fueling a demand for an order-ahead option on the website. After careful considera

Cruisin’ Fusion2 The Cruisin’ Fusion taco trucks are gaining popularity, fueling a demand for an order-ahead option on the website. After careful considera

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Cruisin’ Fusion2 The Cruisin’ Fusion taco trucks are gaining popularity, fueling a demand for an order-ahead option on the website. After careful consideration, the team has decided to add shopping cart software to the Cruisin’ Fusion website to meet this demand. 
Research various shopping cart software to determine the best choice for website.
Write a 1- to 2-page blog post to launch this new feature and to reassure your customers that placing online orders is safe. Your blog post should do the following:

Introduce the order-ahead option.
Explain the differences between ethics, organizational policies, and laws.
Analyze how the new shopping cart software upholds ethical trends in consumer privacy.
Describe organizational policies that will be implemented to help protect consumer data.
Examine ethical considerations for maintaining confidentiality and consumer data.
Describe the various privacy laws and regulations upheld with the shopping cart software. 8/19/2021 Cruisin’ Fusion 1/2

Web Meeting


Kiran: Welcome back, everyone.
Aubra: Hi Kevin, Parker, Kiran. I see Hugo is here, too. Hi Hugo.
Parker: Hi all.
Hugo : Thanks for inviting me.
Kiran: Let’s do this first – decide on the website’s architecture.
Aubra: Well, I wonder if a sequential architecture is right for us?
Parker: Nah – that’s more for a step-by-step process.
Kiran: Correct, Parker. It should probably be a multi-dimensional architecture , which offers a lot of
flexibility in terms of internal links.
Parker: Sounds good. We’ll need ways for customers to get to menus, nutritional information, truck
locations, employment opportunities, catering information – lots of things.
Aubra: Our friends who created the Heritage Dogs site used a hierarchical architecture , based on
Kiran: Aubra, hierarchy makes sense for Heritage Dogs, because visitors can easily find what they want by
drilling down on the country name.
Hugo: It doesn’t matter at all, what counts is your search rankings.
Kiran: Well, Hugo, it actually does matter. We want high usability. on the site.
Aubra: Let’s assume we’ll go with multi-dimensional.
Parker: That works for me.
Kiran: Good choice everyone. That will be the best way to handle this website, so visitors have multiple
ways to access menus, locations, etc.
Kiran: OK, let’s turn to some of the questions I asked you to answer.
Parker: It seemed to me that the only one that argues for e-commerce is C.
Aubra: I agree.
Kiran: Yes, that’s right. I don’t know any food trucks that take advance orders, but you may want to add that
in the future, especially if lines get really long.
Kiran: OK, how about GPS? That could be an intriguing application to attract interest.
Aubra: I chose A, C and E.
Parker: I’m just not clear on how this would work.
Kiran: Aubra, yes, A, C and E definitely support the GPS application.
Aubra: The idea is for customers to log into the app so they can find where the truck is located, and then use
their navigation system to get there.
Parker: That’s terrific. I love it.
Aubra: I’m working on a little prototype. Can we show that?
Kiran: Aubra, sure. You sent me the link.
Kiran: The customer’s smartphone would already have the customer’s location.
Parker: haha.. that’s wonderful. Looks like Uncle Al’s truck, too.
Aubra: I had some ideas for using AJAX and Javascript to make the site even more interactive.
Parker: Right. We don’t want a boring site with nothing but stripped down hypertext markup language.
Kiran: Very cool. OK, let’s turn to the blog question.
Kiran: Great work, guys. A, D and E are all good reasons to add a blog.
Aubra: We’re getting better at this.
Parker: Well, you are at least!
Hugo: Blogs on other sites are very useful for SEO –I hope you’re interested in that service we provide.
Kiran: Well blogs have pros and cons, but this one wouldn’t have huge volume, at least not yet, so you could
moderate it.
Aubra: Good thought, Kiran.
Parker: we’d definitely want to be careful that we don’t get a lot of scammers and junk in the comments.
Kiran: Let’s look at H&H’s services now.
Parker: yeah, some looked really helpful. I thought we needed the 500 links especially.

8/19/2021 Cruisin’ Fusion 2/2

Hugo: If you want your business to succeed, you really need all these services.
Aubra: I see Kevin voted to purchase C. I’m not so sure. Kiran, what do you think about these services?
Kiran: Aubra, let’s explore this a little.
Kiran: Hugo, how long has H&H been doing this work?
Hugo: Well I just joined a couple of months ago, but I think they’ve been around a while.
Kiran: Has a search engine banned any of your client sites?
Hugo: Occasionally, but SEO is a cutthroat business and don’t sites get banned all the time? You have to do
what you have to do to get noticed.
Aubra: what do you mean, Kiran? I don’t want to get banned.
Parker: Me neither
Kiran: Well, all these paid services are questionable. For example, the 500 links will be nothing but low
quality links that do nothing to raise ranking. Not links from mature, reputable, and related websites.
Parker: You mean worthless links?
Kiran: Yes, Parker. Hugo, does H&H run a link farm?
Hugo: Well they have a bunch of servers with hundreds of websites, and they add links to all the clients to
each one.
Parker: yikes. I thought the 500 links would be on reputable sites.
Aubra: We can get good links, one at a time, but by contacting each webmaster.
Kiran: Right Aubra. Hugo, H&H appears to be offering mostly scams. And that million visitors a month will
probably be a bunch of bots.
Parker: Good grief. And I invited Hugo here.
Aubra: And bots don’t eat tacos.
Parker: And another thing, now that I think about it. What is this one about 2500 search engines?
Kiran: Parker, good catch. There are really only a handful of search engines that have any market share –
Google, Yahoo and a few others.
Aubra: well maybe Hugo doesn’t know.
Hugo: No, I didn’t. I guess I shouldn’t pretend to be a specialist when I don’t even know what the company is
up to. Sorry, guys.
Kiran: So Hugo signed out of the web meeting. Well, I hope he gets his act together.
Aubra: That’s sad! But he learned something today.
Kiran: OK, we’ve a lot to do, so let’s get the website up!
Aubra: Right, Kiran. Thanks Parker and Kevin.
Parker: Thanks Kevin and Kiran. I’m getting hungry already.
Aubra: Thanks Kevin promised us free tacos, so I’m on my way!

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