DB-CP3M3 As an Early Childhood provider, it’s helpful to identify and express your own Professional Philosophy Statement. This statement is a summary of yo

DB-CP3M3 As an Early Childhood provider, it’s helpful to identify and express your own Professional Philosophy Statement. This statement is a summary of yo

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DB-CP3M3 As an Early Childhood provider, it’s helpful to identify and express your own Professional Philosophy Statement. This statement is a summary of your professional beliefs and values about early childhood education 


Now in this 2nd phase of the project, you will write a rough draft of your Professional Philosophy Statement — using your brainstorming session as a springboard.
Looking Ahead: The 3rd phase of the project (Module 5) is to take the feedback from your instructor and make the necessary changes from that feedback to produce your final Professional Philosophy Statement.
Your Professional Philosophy Statement MUST address the following:
Your personal values and beliefs as they relate to teaching and learning.
How you believe young children learn and how this has an impact on your role when providing a conducive learning environment
What you believe are other important aspects of your role in working with young children and their families 5

Professional Philosophy Statement

Student’s Name
Instructor’s Name

Professional Philosophy Statement

As an early childhood provider, I understand the significance of my role in the lives of young ones. I am tasked with laying a positive foundation in young ones to value education and its relevance in their future. Various elements determine the effectiveness with which learners grasp educational concepts and commit them to their memory. Firstly, the factor that determines the effectiveness of the learning process is the adequacy of the learning environment in meeting the needs of learners (Supena et al., 2021). The second aspect is using a teaching technique that considers the unique learning needs of young ones. Considering the varying learning styles of the learners ensures that they grasp the taught concepts. Education is a fundamental entitlement of every child; hence, it is necessary to create an appropriate learning environment and use effective teaching methods to facilitate this essential process.
I believe that every child placed under my tutelage is a unique person with distinctive needs that should be addressed. Therefore, my role is to create a nurturing environment that will cater to meet the diverse needs and help them maximize their potential. The strategies that I will use to create a suitable learning environment include:
· The creation of a safe learning environment will enable learners to practice the skills that they acquire during the learning process adequately.
· Using strategic techniques such as hands-on activities stimulates the learners to develop critical thinking skills (Supena et al., 2021).
· Incorporating technological tools in the classroom activities to improve the learning process.
· Using assistive devices such as hearing aids for those with disabilities.
I believe that young people learn in different ways. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a teaching model that meets the learning needs of diverse learners. According to the VARK learning styles concept, individuals learn to vary from person to person (Thepsatitporn & Pichitpornchai, 2016). Therefore, based on this concept, I will use the following strategies to ensure that the young ones learn effectively:
· Making the teaching process to be student-centered to ensure that all the needs of learners are met.
· I will use charts and posters during the learning process to meet the needs of visual learners (Supena et al., 2021).
· I will use techniques such as repeating words to help auditory learners to master taught concepts.
· I will use practical activities to satisfy the kinesthetic learners.
Using different teaching models will ensure that all the learners’ learning needs are met adequately.
I believe that working with minors and their families is a significant aspect of the learning process. Including other community members such as parents in the learning process helps expose the learners to diverse cultures, enabling them to embrace the diversity in society (Supena et al., 2021). Working with children and families also fulfills several significant roles, including:
· It enables learners to have social and emotional support that boosts the learning process.
· It will help me understand the families’ expectations concerning their children’s education; hence I can strategize on how to achieve them.
In conclusion, I purpose to meet the learning needs of all the young ones who will be placed under my care. By creating a good learning environment and using effective teaching models, I will build a solid educational foundation to meet their future goals.


Supena, I., Darmuki, A., & Hariyadi, A. (2021). The Influence of 4C (Constructive, Critical, Creativity, Collaborative) Learning Model on Students’ Learning Outcomes. International Journal of Instruction, 14(3).

Thepsatitporn, S., & Pichitpornchai, C. (2016). Visual event-related potential studies supporting the validity of VARK learning styles’ visual and read/write learners. Advances in Physiology Education, 40(2), 206-212.

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