Discussion 3 I. J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2019, 1, 62-69 Published Online January 2019 in MECS ( DOI: 10

Discussion 3 I. J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2019, 1, 62-69
Published Online January 2019 in MECS (

DOI: 10

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Discussion 3 I. J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2019, 1, 62-69
Published Online January 2019 in MECS (

DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2019.01.06

Copyright © 2019 MECS I.J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2019, 1, 62-69

Cyber Security and Analysis of Cyber-Crime

Laws to Restrict Cyber Crime in Pakistan

Qamar Atta Ul Haq
Computer Science Department, ISP University 9-KM Bosan Roads, Multan Pakistan +92-61-111-786-477



Received: 11 November 2018; Accepted: 14 December 2018; Published: 08 January 2019

Abstract—This research report analyses the plebeian

interest and tension hostility between privacy and cyber

security in Pakistan. I explore the areas threaten by

hackers in means of ATM card hacks and social data

sniffing. It explores the challenges for Cyber security

belongs to privacy and data protection.

Index Terms—Cyber security, cyber jihad, hacking

aggression, Intrusion detection system and intrusion

prevention systems, Intellectual property, Computer

security, Cyber terrorism, Security risks, Encryption,

Hacking Vulnerability.


The process or steps are adopted to protect the system

against the criminal malefactor or unauthorized access

and the use of data of military, industrial and business is

called cyber security. A criminal way and activity that is

adopted by a person and a group through the use of

computer and internet called cyber crime. Cyber issue is

pulling everyone’s attention of World Wide [1].

Charles Babbage was the professor of the Cambridge

University in 1837 build the mechanical, modern

computer called “Analytical Engine” and that work is

surprisingly more than 100 years of future work, it was

an astonishing moment of his work. The united State

military give the official approval in 1943 to first

computer called ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator

and Computer). The ENIAC possess the very large

requirements as a collection of the 18,000 of the vacuum

tubes which designed to give the computation power of

100,000 amounts of pulses in per second, which speed

300,000 more and faster than human power of processing

the information. The prediction of the Gordon more in

1965 that the amount of transistors on a computer chip

will be double in every year. The first Hackers friendly

tool that is OSINT (Open Source Intelligent) and it was

web enabled [1]. The cyberspace (Communication over a

linked billion of computers via the internet) was firstly

occur in 2011.Hacker is the expert person, that expertise

in computer system, the hacker used that knowledge to

access the data in unauthorized and illegal way. The

research group of UK (United Kingdom) IWM

(information warfare monitor) in 2009 tells the existence

of the “Ghost Net” that is a collection of compromised

1000 computers in more than 103 countries, that infected

and victimize the world wide countries [1, 4, 19].

Mafia Boy in 2001 from the Montreal is a student of

15 years age created the DOS (Denial of Services) attack

on the online web based companies that result a financial

damage of $1000000 dollars. Syrian air force defense

system in 20017 sudden disabled by the cyber-attack.

The first worm introduced in 1949 by the John von a

mathematician during proposing the “self-replicating

automata” and that will remain in experimental stage [2].

The annual cost of the global cybercrime is predicted

that it can be extended approximate from 3$ TD (Trillion

Dollars) till 2015 to 6$ in 2021. The cyber security

industry and market in 2015 spending the $75 billion

Dollars which is extended and grow to an unbeatable

record in history in 2018 that is $101 billions of dollars

and the prediction about the cyber security cost that is

growing to $170 billion dollars in 2020. The European

countries, making the directives used to protect the

information in systems from threats, EGDPR (European

General Data Protection Regulations and the Second

directive are NIS (Network Information Security).

Pakistan is currently focusing the national when Pakistan

army facing a threat from terrorists as well as

international cyber security threats coming from the

China and India it is a strategic war for the survival of

Pakistan [2, 13, 21].

Pakistan facing two wars, one against with the

terrorists and second with the issues of cyber security.

The services of internet available since from 1990 in

Pakistan. Pakistan population is 200,813,818 in 2018,

which is 2.97% of the total world population. Pakistan

have 6

position in the list of the country by population,

and population density is 250 per km2 and 39.6% of the

population is urban. Pakistan population 200,813,818

and from that there is 44.3424 million of internet users in

Pakistan and also there is mobile subscribers adding

1million a month, approximate 16.5 million users browse

and use internet from there mobiles while others are

broadband subscribers. In Pakistan 80% smart phones

found less than price of the $100 [2, 6, 7, 8].

ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

fastest developing industry in Pakistan. , Corresponding

to the report of ITU (International Telecommunication

Cyber Security and Analysis of Cyber-Crime Laws to Restrict Cyber Crime in Pakistan 63

Copyright © 2019 MECS I.J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2019, 1, 62-69

Union), In 2001 almost 1.3% of population was using

internet and by the end of 2006 that the estimated figure

was increased 6.7% of population, till the end of 2012

this figure increases to 20million. While ISPAK (Internet

Service Provider Association of Pakistan) said that in

2012 the figure is about 10million [3]. Separate from

these reports IT THINK TAMKS asserted that the figure

should be crossed 30million.3G and 4G available in

Pakistan from April 14, 2014.The Government of

Pakistan earned from 3G and 4G from auction is about

$930 million and $210 million. According to PTA

(Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) annual report

2018 shows that 50 million cellular subscribers, 56

million 3G/4G subscribers, 3 million basic telephony

subscribers and 58 million broadband subscribers [3, 7,

16, 20].

A. Identifying The Security Back Holes And Laps In
Pakistan Institutions

Russian and Chinese hackers are involved in trying for

breaching the Pakistani bank’s security by obtaining the

people ATM card information on the Darknet or a dark

website. According to my Research 2000000 ATM card

information were sold on a Darknet and the price of per

ATM card information that is sold is $150. I am

suggesting the 20000 Pakistani banks to improve security

systems that is used for international transaction through

ATM cards or any other medium. Improve Monitoring

system for employee that is involved in dealing to sale

ATM card information on a dark website


There are 50 countries who introduced their strategies

for cyberspace and for cyber security. The most vital

infrastructure about protection towards the cyber security,

there are 25 countries who introduced and show the

policies of cyber security, United States of America,

Algeria, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil,

Sweden, Canada, Spain, Estonia, Singapore, Finland,

Russia, France, Poland, Germany, New Zealand,

Hungary, Norway, India, Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia,


The cyber security and the probability appraisal cyber

security threats to the Distributed control system (DCS),

supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

networks and Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

introducing organizational and Government groups

1. CSP (Cyber Secure Pakistan)
2. NUST (National University of Sciences &


3. CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Teams)
4. EAS (Enterprise Application Systems)
5. EMS (Energy Management Systems)
6. ISO/IEC 17799 (Information Security


7. PCSRF (Process Control Securities
Requirements Forum)

8. SPP-ICS (System Protection Profile for

Industrial Control Systems)

9. ISA-TR99.00.01-2004 (Security Technologies
of Manufacturing and Control Systems)

10. NIAC (The National Infrastructure Advisory

11. NCS (The National Communication System)
12. NCSD (National Cyber Security Division)
13. CSSP (Control Systems Security Program)
14. ISA (Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation


15. NIST (National Institute for Science and

16. NERC (The North American Electrical
Reliability Council)

17. US CERT (The United States Computer
Emergency Readiness Team’s)

18. ISACs (Information Sharing and Analysis

19. CND (The Computer Network Defense)
20. CSIS (Center for Strategic and International


21. CERT/CC (Coordination Center)
22. NIST (National Institute for Standards and


23. IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
24. CIC (Created by the Cyber Innovating Center)
25. NICERC (The National Integrated Cyber

Educating Research Center)

26. PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority)


Cyber criminals are those people (programmers) who

use their expertise and skills to commit a crime on

internet and stole someone information or any other

sensitive data for the purpose of blackmailing and for

money called cyber criminals. Usually this are

programmers who used their skills in illegal activities we

know that is a crime [4].

Fig.1. Types of Cyber Criminals [4, 19]

Cyber-attack is any kind of abhorrent actions that is

taken by the cyber-criminal on computer through internet

to stole and get someone sensitive information and data

for illegal purpose. Cyber criminals adopt different

methods and way so that they can force any of computer

user to attract towards bait and catch in a trap. There are

following some types of a programmers possible attacks

through the internet on a computer.

64 Cyber Security and Analysis of Cyber-Crime Laws to Restrict Cyber Crime in Pakistan

Copyright © 2019 MECS I.J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2019, 1, 62-69

Fig.2. Types of Cyber-Attacks [4, 19, 14, 9]

While the Governments of Pakistan emphases on

terrorism war NAP (National Action Plan), at that time

another threat feels to be appearing as purview of visible

horizon that is cyber security. Today modern life

depends on the online services and online shopping

because we are intellectual that is the reason of

information and personal data at risk of stealing our

personal information and data from hacking and others

related to the unauthorized access, that major issue

confronting the Pakistan. Since our cell phones and

computers are victims of more than 8 countries, whose

intelligence agencies are interfering in our personal life

and the aggression of hacking and for money increasing

day by day and we are enduring suffering from that

situation, now Pakistan focusing the cyber security to

protect the rights and personal data from stealing


The first spam email brought in 1978, when it was

transmitted to the ARPANET (Advanced Research

Project Agency Network). The UK police caught the

student as he hacked FBI email in 2005 and some

documents of NATO are hacked in Afghanistan and

“Mafia Boy” attacks on DOS (Daniel of Services).In

2000 Swedish NORDEA bank victim and about $100000

was stolen.

Cavelty in 2010 prepared annotations about the triune

or multiple interlacing preaching about the domain or

field of cyber security. Cyber is affix predicating the

cyber space and pertains to the ECN (Electronic

Communication Networks) virtual realism by oxford in

2014. Cyberspace destined and contrived as an IE

(Information Environment) by Friedman in 2013. The

present-day cyber security standard is FIRST the Forum

of Incident Response Security Teams and IEEE Institute

of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and NIST

National Institute of Standers and Technology and the

ICANN The internet Corporation for Assigned Names

and Numbers.

HAIMS and CHITTESTER works result that to reduce

the effects of cyber-attacks. HONEY POTS amuse the

attacker from attaining the vital system information.

CORDESMAN works on cyber threats. KLIMBURG

works on cybercrime. MCHUGH examining the dealings

of treble speed of networks. KING ET, he inquire about

the cyber threats. LOPEZ suggest the security services

about smart grid. WHITMAN and MATTORD works on

information protection. MARTIN and RICE their works

about cyber domineering. MILLER trying to secure the

system. NELSON and NASH trying amending to control

system. NISSENBAUM improving the cyber security

schemes. ANSS describe and handle cyber-attacks.

DHILLON who introduced the idea of data security.

ERIKSSON who stops penetration of information.

ARQUILLA introduced the transmutation of war into

cyber war. CLARKE give the concept of cyber warfare.

Pakistan, now starts working about cyber security

because Pakistan facing two wars one about terrorism

and second to protect, secure and protect their people

privacy, data and information from accessing outside the

country intelligence agencies and the most enemy threat

facing Pakistan from India one from India interfering

Karachi and Baluchistan matters to split the Pakistan and

second accessing the digital data from American and

India and others countries intelligence agencies. For that

purpose Pakistan increases his security policy and

starting awareness to the people through the seminars

and through universities.

1. PIPS (Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary

2. PISA (Pakistan Information Security

3. NSA (National Security Agency)
4. Senator Mushahid Hussain particularly

elaborate the cyber security threats.

5. PKCERT (National Emergency Team)
6. NAP consist the cyber security
7. Cyber security taskforce
8. According to SAARC Pakistan should have to

be initiate the steps against cyber security


NSA gives report to Pakistan about the security gaps

in Pakistan and digital data may stole from the terrorists

and use for the terrorism activity. On the behalf of the

NSA report Pakistan senate defense committee and PIPS

AND PISA take charge on the consequence of opposing

Pakistan through cyber security on July8, 2013.Now that

time, Pakistan first time take stand to oppose the cyber

threats belong to Pakistan. Pakistan information security

association hire the experts from NUST, LUMS, RIPHA

University and the internet providers.

The defense committee organized the seminar in

which parliamentarian are invited for awareness and

introduced the seven points of the plan related to the

cyber security and threats by committee chairman

M.Hussain Sayed

1. MO defence
2. HEC
7. Ministries law
8. Ministries interior
9. Foreign affairs
10. FIA
11. NAB

Cyber Security and Analysis of Cyber-Crime Laws to Restrict Cyber Crime in Pakistan 65

Copyright © 2019 MECS I.J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2019, 1, 62-69


In November 2018 due to a cyber-attack 624

customers of different 22 banks are losing their money

which is 11.7 million. A legal report from the FIA is that

the data of 19,865 ATM cards were sold on a dark web.

The action of using computers and networks as an

instrument for the interest of illegal criminal activity.

Cyber-crime in tensest threats are knocking the doors of

Pakistan but regrettably grapevine Pakistan laws are

calm and waiting for execution. ICT seventh exposition

and admitted CONNECT exhibition Karachi and

reported approximate 200 cases of hacking and

blackmailing in 2012. Pakistan facing the following


1. Physical detrimental a computer system
2. Fiscal crimes
3. Logic dud
4. Cyber smut
5. Virus and worms assail
6. Email burlesquing
7. DSN
8. Cyber calumniation
9. Salami assail
10. Cyber haunting
11. Information diddling
12. Unsanctioned accession to computer systems

and networks

13. Online hazarding
14. Password smashing
15. Blackmailing for stealing electronic information

The situation of cybercrime in Pakistan is very

dangerous but still there is no strict laws. In 2011

approximate 25 instances will occurs and registered with

concerning to cybercrime. Facebook profile and account

information stealing through hacking as the intention of

blackmailing for some benefits and unreal Facebook

accounts of girls is used to necessitate for retaliation

because from the girls side family had refused the

marriage offering, but still there is no cyber laws in


In 2015 Pakistan originate steps to secure Pakistan

from the cybercrime and threats of cyber security related

issues with the team or organization of PSA and Ultra

Spectra (pvt). April8, 2015 the conference asserted

organized coordinated with the coaction of NUST-

SEECS and more than fifty fence-sitters means

stakeholders on call and this conference become leading

Asian consequence for all fence-sitters admitting

Government, data protection professed means

professionals, data security enterprisers,

telecommunication sector security steering plus

administrators, trusting sector and information

technology sector to contribution perceptivity into the

most recent demonstrated creations and concepts. The

schedule discussion for cyber security of Pakistan is to

search as entirely the interior or internal and extraneous

or international community of interests admitting

ICANN, APNIC, Internet social club, Google, territorial

CERTs, world-wide investigators on the issue to arrive

and contribution of their undergoes as substantially. The

canonic intention and causative posterior this conference

is too conscious the people of Pakistan about the

cybercrime and cyber terrorism, for that purpose cyber

invulnerable Pakistan comprising a chain of building

training, workplaces, cognizance sittings, contenders,

keynote oratory, panel conversation, security discussion

by illustrious internal and external industry professionals.

Proficient awareness sittings and holding the succeeding

training sittings, CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic

Investigation), mobile diligence incursion testing,

contrary engineering malevolent program, Linux origin

instruments workplace by Pakistan, system protection

workplace through ICANN and APNIC. LEA workplace

in Pakistan, kid security through the internet society.

Cyber-crime arises quickly in Pakistan. Concording to

the cyber-crime wing (CCU), furcate of FIA Federal

Investigation Agency, exclusively events and exclusively

are notifiable and reported in the unit, in 2007 cyber-

crime related events reported to CCU is 62 and in 2008

the events rapidly increases to 287 and after passing laws

from the parliament of Pakistan the ration of cyber-

crimes were deteriorated from 2009 117 events and 2010

and half exclusively 73. Later on the ratio increases again

and rapidly from the previous and antecedently ration of

events that is 2011 to 2012 is 411 events , 2013 is

290,2014 320 with tiny blackmailing,2015 is about 345,

in the start of 2016 there were 89 till march events are

reported to FIA.[7, 8]

Fig.3. Hackers Attack in Pakistan

Edward Snowden a brave man scrupulous to disclose,

reveal and fetched out how the USAs NSA National

Security Agency spotting on majority countries in the

world. Such spotting evidently constituted by USAs

political, economic and combatant or military

international vantage. The fifth nearly and most spotted

on country is India, straight a lot than Russia and China.

Conceiving the India is the USAs momentous

collaborator, spotting on the India that is infract of trust

for USA, therefor USA spotting all the countries except

India. Iran in the crowning list 14 billion sets up of the

USA intelligence and administrative unit, the second

number of Pakistan is came approximate 13.5 billion, the

third number of the Jordan is about 12.7 billion, in fourth

position Egypt comes estimated figure is 7.6 billion and

66 Cyber Security and Analysis of Cyber-Crime Laws to Restrict Cyber Crime in Pakistan

Copyright © 2019 MECS I.J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2019, 1, 62-69

the fifth number come of the be loving country of USAs

India approximate is 6.3 billion.

Cyber-crime as well intromit directing viruses on

distinct systems, sending calumniation contents. Pakistan

committee of the cyber-crime is following features can


1. Computer territory direct approaches
attacking to the others computer systems

2. Computer districted used as a tool to confide
imposter and the banned hazarding or gaming

3. Computer are used as a supportive for storage
felonious and purloining of data or



Cyber laws or the inferior conversationally and

national laws of Pakistan is a consideration that capsulate

the effectual consequences associated to the

manipulation and the use of communicatory, relations

and the disseminative expressions of electronic network

entropy gimmicks or devices and engineering’s. The

following Pakistan cyber laws for criminals

1. ETA The Electronic Transaction Act (1996).
2. ETO The Electronic Transaction Ordinance


3. PACCA Perspective analysis of Cyber-crime act

4. EFTA The Electronic Funds Transfer Act (2007)
5. PECOP The Prevention of Electronic Crime

Ordinance Pakistan (2007)

6. PECOA Prevention of Electronic Crime
Ordinance Act (2008)

7. PCCCOA Prevention and Control Cyber Crime
Ordinance act (2009)

8. FTOA The Fair and Trial Ordinance Act (2012)
9. PECOA Prevention of E Crimes ordinance Act


10. PPOA Protection of Pakistan Ordinance Act

11. EDPCCOA The Electronic Documents and
Prevention of Cyber Crime Ordinance Act


12. PECOA Prevention of Electronic Crimes
Ordinance Act (2015)

13. AECOA Amendment Electronic Crimes
Ordinance Act (2016)

There are five primary points of 2016 cyber-crime act

is the following

a. First, it is a crime or illegal activity to transmit or
send a messages or pictures to any persons e-mail


b. Second, the constabulary and the police force,
Federal investigation agency and any other

agency will not necessitate the inquiry

endorsement and warrant to search.

c. Subordinate incision or section 17 and 18 political
critique and the political manifestation should be

criminalized and illegitimate.

d. Subordinate incision or section 31, Government
can Barricade and take accession to some internet

site online or current informant.

e. Subordinate incision or section 26, ISP’S, eateries,
promenades, buildings, offices airports and the

bus stations anyplace with the internet adroitness

should be required to accommodate and hold

information and data for three months.

Table 1. Cyber-crime Punishments in Pakistan [7, 8]





Data damage 3 3-Lac

Criminal data access 3 3-Lac

Criminal access 3 3-Lac

System damage 3 3-Lac

Electronic forgery 7 7-Lac

Electronic fraud 7 7-Lac

Misuse of devices 3 3-Lac

Unauthorized access to

3 3-Lac

Malicious code 5 5-Lac

Defamation 5 5-Lac

Cyber stalking 3 3-Lac

Cyber spamming 6-months 50,000

Spoofing 3 3-Lac

Pornography 10 10-Lac

Cyber terrorism



Pakistan organizing the awareness seminar for their

people and the main purpose to aware the people of

government and private sectors to secure their

information and important personal data.

Cyber Security and Analysis of Cyber-Crime Laws to Restrict Cyber Crime in Pakistan 67

Copyright © 2019 MECS I.J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2019, 1, 62-69

Table 2. Cyber-crime Conferences in Pakistan [7, 8, 9]


Cyber Security Conference 2015 in Multan many

Lecture about superior menace of Cyber

offenses and Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Security and protection disputes and

suffices answer (intervening Level



Cyber Security and protection disputes and

suffices answer (grayer or old Level



predilection about Cyber offenses (secondary

Level Management)

Equal crusades and exploits to fighting

Banking associated Cyber offenses and

currency Laundering (precedential

administrators of Banking Sector)


Cyber Security and protection disputes and

suffices answer (at Karachi)

Cyber Security and protection disputes and

suffices solutions (at Lahore)

Litigating or Processing of beginning Cyber

offense event and case by NR3C

Satisfactory standard Efforts to fighting ISP’s

associated and corresponding to the Cyber



Cyber offenses or crime For SIG, at FIA

Academy and pedantic

Cyber offenses challenges situation and

Solution at Islamabad

Entropy or information Security and Cyber

offenses at Islamabad

Information protection security and Cyber

offenses at Islamabad

Conference on Cyber Security at Karachi 300

One day workshop on Cyber Security and

protection Challenges and disputes &



Lecture on the origination of Introduction to

Cyber Crimes

60 Trainee

and beginner

Judges of


Training and educating Polices of Agency

officers in the area or field of Digital

Evidence and manifest Islamabad, Peshawar,

Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Muzafrabad


Lecture about the Cyber Security and

protection to beginner and trainee NAB



One day conference on the Cyber Security

and protection

Lecture about the data and Information

Security demonstrating in NAB

Lecture on the data and Information Security

delivering in NAB

Four Days conditioning or Training

Workshop for subordinate training ASPs at

federal Police Academy



PISA Pakistan Information Security Association, the

CSP Cyber Secure Pakistan, Pakistan interior ministry

and defense ministry, ICANN, APNIC and the

Engineering school of NUST is SEECS (School of

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) working

collaborating and cooperating to each other for technical

awareness and the cyber security of Pakistan, all of these

working unitedly and organizing seminars training

sessions and workshops and for technical awareness is

follows [10]

DNSSEC (Domain Name and System securities)

workshops, Mobile applications and Penetration and

incursion testing training sessions, REM (Reverse

Engineering Malware) workshops, LINUX supported

public and open Source tools, Computer hacking forensic

or practical investigation and probe, Women centric

cyber security and protection seminar, Child online

security and protection workshop and ceremony cyber

secure Pakistan 2015. In 2018 a hope to protect the

information may take government steps


According to the APSCC (Asia Pacific Satellite

Communication Council more than 9 billion records are

lost or stole per year [9]

Fig.4. Technical Awareness [10, 13, 21]

Fig.5. PSCC Report [9, 11, 10]

68 Cyber Security and Analysis of Cyber-Crime Laws to Restrict Cyber Crime in Pakistan

Copyright © 2019 MECS I.J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2019, 1, 62-69

1. Sysinternals and Windows Godmode suggested
by the RON WOERNER the director of cyber

security studies at Bellevue University.

2. Microsoft EMET suggested by the YIER JIN
the assistant professor of computer sciences and

EE (Electrical Engineering) at the University of

Central Florida.

3. Secure@source, Q-Radar, ArcSighr and Splunk
suggested by the JEEF NORTHROP the CTO at

international association of secrecy or privacy

professionals and experts.

4. Insider thread protection suggested by the
MIKE PAPAY the VP and CISO at Northrop


5. Privileged identity management suggested by
the ANDRAS CSER the security analyst and

expert at Forrester.

6. Patch management suggested by the GARY
HAYSLIP the Deputy Director for CISO in the

city of San Diego.

7. Blue box suggested by the DR.JOHN D.
JOHNSON the global security strategian and

security architect and designer for John Deere.

8. Endpoint detection and response suggested by

distinguish or discern analyst at the Gartner.

9. Fire Eye suggested by the RANDY
MARCHANY the information technology

security lab director and the security officer in

the Virginia.

10. Advanced security analytics suggested by the



This article has presented and confronted inspection or

review of the scientific literature about the cyber security,

protections, awareness …

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