Discussion + 4 respones We all had the unfortunate experience of seeing how computers can, at times, make life’s journey about more difficult. This is espe

Discussion + 4 respones We all had the unfortunate experience of seeing how computers can, at times, make life’s journey about more difficult. This is espe

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Discussion + 4 respones We all had the unfortunate experience of seeing how computers can, at times, make life’s journey about more difficult. This is especially true in knowledge-centric workplaces. Describe an example of a very poorly implemented database that you’ve encountered (or read about) that illustrates the potential for really messing things up. Include, in your description, an analysis of what might have caused the problems and potential solutions to them

Search the peer-reviewed literature for examples of this. You may select any topic relating to technology that illustrates the potential for really messing things up. Include, in your description, an analysis of what might have caused the problems and potential solutions to them. Be sure to provide supporting evidence, with citations from the literature. It is not enough for you to simply create a own posting. You must read the postings of the other members of the class and comment on each of them. Please see Discussion Forum of the class syllabus for additional details on content.

Disucssion – Min 350 words+ references

Resppones – 300 words min HI Swathi,

Implementation of a database does get defined as the process of installation of the database management system, which is DBMS, and its customization, configuration, running, testing and integration of the database with the other applications of the database as well. The organizational inability for identifying and managing the risks can enable the managers in delay for the adopting the advanced technologies and prevent the business from comprehending the potential risks. This research highlights the challenges associated with artificial intelligence that affects the database by threatening the integrity of Artificial Intelligence system procedure and results.Creating apps, transmitting their applications, and executing their applications are all made easier with the help of a database framework. It is standard practice to heavily rely on the information provided by the customer as information in order to generate sol proclamations that have a direct influence on the data sets under investigation (Li F, 2015).

An ineffectively planned data set has the accompanying issues incorporates, related data is dispersed. A change should be proficient in many spots. It is conceivable that the information is just present half and missing in some areas.It is conceivable that the information is just present half and missing in certain spaces. Data is erratic or indistinct. The information base is unpredictable and can be hacked with bunches of stunts. It could be slow, rigid, hard to expand, and not handle genuine circumstances(Ding et al.).Designers should focus on extraordinary contemplations to keep up with the productivity and ease of use of the information base for a situation of exceptionally enormous volumes of information. Be that as it may, the information volume isn’t the solitary thing to think about as the goal of the information likewise influences the degree of standardization, the information structure, and the overall working of the whole framework. These are the principle things that have been acknowledged through the readings of the circumstance where the discoveries of the issues make it in an unexpected way.

HI Vidit,

Data analysis is important in today’s time, but why do we employ it when the information is much too vast and also too fast to be beneficial. If we speak about data analysis, it is a great way to take a few things on board, but this is not obligatory. Initially, one would like to know what the information seems to be doing, what types of analytical techniques you employ, etc. If simple to use application is not accessible, try another. Furthermore, if techniques are available without which you cannot live but still want to incorporate them, choose one of the finest. When you continually modify, add and change your data, instead of using your information, you will construct the data analytical framework towards your objectives (Dai et al., 2020).

By evaluating large amounts of data, businesses can comprehend individuals and make better choices to help them become the greatest. In summary, individuals may be the provider of information, the resources for businesses. Data science covers also advanced analytics, data mining, and tools for the examination and sharing of data inside your own data storage. When your data grows, you can stand to gain from more sophisticated capabilities that will enhance your company in line (Dai et al., 2020).

Data analysis is classified into two kinds of data: description, decision support systems. Predictive analysis refers to the information you need whereas business intelligence focuses on information, what users want to understand and how you can get through. Predictive modeling emphasizes what you desire, and gives you the most necessary details on every aspect. The formalized analysis looks at how current capabilities have been employed and concentrates on what you actually need (Mehta, & Pandit, 2018).

Included in the research methodology are data evaluations, including the identification and examination of the data, identification of data patterns in which various elements have common features, and the identification and evaluation of each block of information. Then this procedure may be performed. As this job proceeds, many important stages are discovered and revised which have been established for the data test and descriptive (Mehta, & Pandit, 2018). With each stage being discovered, the interpretation of the results may be significantly improved. Some stages in data processing may need a particular number of expectations or rules to succeed.

Even though a programming language, Python is very basic and it is extremely excellent to get into smaller volumes. Hence, Python versions and their own components are not closely connected. You may, for example, encapsulate Python computations into a shorter component by creating a complex algorithm. You may just type them and employ the resultant code in another component that is as effective as the source material.

Hi Sarubh,

 Handling computers and navigating technology and various changing software can be challenging as well. In a world of changing technology and software, there are many databases for applications nowadays. Even in the workplace, computers and files/records are being digitalized. In a workplace where computers are primarily used such as in the IT field, it can be frustrating as well if the computer is not working as it should. An example of poorly implemented database would be a SQLite database in smartphones. There are smartphones and web-based applications where SQLite have been implemented and integrated. Although with changing features and transactional performance, there is poor coordination between. Sometimes the problems of why some databases such as SQLite is not user friendly for various devices/software are because it is important to match database and make sure that it fits the criteria of the application.  Some applications require multiple accesses for users because it can have complex transactions while SQLite only has one transaction which makes it difficult for multiple users to have access. Using SQLite has its advantages such as requiring less support, does not need configuration or even a server. Some issues that can occur are that since there is no required configuration or server, there is no adjustment other than either changing completely or doing nothing with the transaction. Overall it is important for engineers and developers to research figure out which database works for the application they are using it for. It is important to be aware how queries, transactional, and internal/external libraries work. The ability of organizations to monitor the privileged users is also limited since the same parties usually have the requisite credentials in overcoming the system efforts; hence, they can hinder efficiency. Besides, the systems typically have insufficient database logs, inadequate data reporting modalities, and event alerts (Campbell et al., 2017). Potential Solutions      solving the challenges presented by the system necessitates conducting a comprehensive technical analysis, which is followed by practical fixing of the identified error areas. It is noteworthy that the database should primarily target electronic management and safety of the stored information instead of focusing on the aspects around the physical management of the data. , for the organizations with already implemented SOX system, they should establish an audit general control policies for the critical data they intend to protect, and subsequently audit the disposition of the platform in evaluating the vulnerabilities of the different components that surround the vital data flow to help determine basic security questions, such as whether a knowledgeable user can compromise them (Fig et al., 2016).

HI Yamini,

Computers, systems, and software aim to make everyone’s lives simpler. They do it much of the time but often they can be a pain due to causes that can be managed. One of the ventures in which they used the new ERP scheme, but their database was not well planned. The article concerns a related problem, i.e., a special issue: database management.

When you want to incorporate a new method into the company, plan it and practice to make sure it performs well in advance. Often companies ignore the focus these implementation and architecture processes need due to workload and other problems. This would not lead to a difficult problem straight away but perhaps a little after.

An automated business is one of the biggest projects. They manufacture products which include appliances for the kitchen, washing machines, etc. They have a fantastic product range and their company’s success is that they make it all themselves. As a consequence, they would purchase huge amounts of a variety of raw materials. Their purchases were not exclusive to one area but were also purchased in many regions and production in several regions.

The technology they developed was awesome but they couldn’t do it properly because of mismanagement in database design. The problem was that identical parts were ordered from separate regions and all of them were entered with a different part numbers and placed in various tables according to the individual wishing to enter the information (Sacks et al., 2021).

Much of the results are compatible with each area but a collision between regions occurred. This results in a lot of waste since pieces were located in one area, but for another region, there was no means of identifying them so that they kept buying more. All this led to a horrible condition that got worse every day.

One of the main considerations is preparation until the database is applied or planned. The company would devote more time assigning a consultant to design its database so that it can be utilized efficiently. The architecture of databases is so important that they can have a significant effect on the performance of organizations, as mentioned in the article.

Teams from each region and organization should be allocated to make sure that the database teams provide the correct details about the customer according to the company (Roberts et al., 2016).

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