discussion 7

discussion 7

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 Make sure to identify the name and number of the ethical standard.  

Dr. Sharah, a clinical psychologist specializing in geriatric care, has a private practice that receives referrals from an integrated care facility. Under the ACA as a contracted mental health provider for the facility, she has access to every referred patients electronic health record (EHR) and is required to enter her weekly session reports into the shared EHR as well. The facility has just referred Andre, a 67 year old retiree who has been diagnosed by the staff psychiatrist with moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Andre, who lies with his daughter and her family, has been having increased episodes of anger and refusing to bathe. The EHR already includes a family medical and social history, but it appears incomplete. It is not clear from the record which practitioner collected the history or its timing. Dr. Sharah is concerned that if she doesn’t conduct her own family and social history, she may miss some information that may be helpful to her treatment plan. At the same time, she is aware that Andres insurer is reluctant to approve the duplicative assessments. She is also concerned that subjecting Andre to another medical and social history interview will be frustrating for him and delay needed behavioral and family treatment. Drawing on the APA ethical principals and assessment standards, discuss how Dr. Sharah should resolve this dilemma.  

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