Discussion 7

Discussion 7

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1. What was the goal of the authors (what was their motivation to write the.  paper)?

2. What was the goal of the authors (what was their motivation to write the paper)?

3. What is the thesis of the article? Do they have more than one. A) Point to examples of evidence that authors use to support their thesis and B) explain how it connects to the authors’ thesis. B) Point to caveats the authors present that may challenge their thesis B) Explain how this factor connects to the authors thesis.

4. Address the methods of the articles, are they sampling all taxa equally? is there any biases in the methodologies? Is there international support for the sampling regimes?

5. Can you extrapolate out from the original article to see how this impacts more species or groups? Does this study have broader implications? 

For the second article 

1. Do you think this approach will work? 

2. Is this approach, of ocean science, too complicated/simply?

3. Is there enough pressure on humanity to change our behavior?

4. Who should be in charge of fixing the oceans? Or should we simply let it heal itself?

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