Discussion EBp Module 1: Evidence-Based Practice and the Quadruple Aim Discussion: Where in the World Is Evidence-Based Practice? March 21, 2010 was

Discussion EBp Module 1: Evidence-Based Practice and the Quadruple Aim

Discussion: Where in the World Is Evidence-Based Practice?

March 21, 2010 was

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Discussion EBp Module 1: Evidence-Based Practice and the Quadruple Aim

Discussion: Where in the World Is Evidence-Based Practice?

March 21, 2010 was not EBP’s date of birth, but it may be the date the approach “grew up” and left home to take on the world.
When the Affordable Care Act was passed, it came with a requirement of empirical evidence. Research on EBP increased significantly. Application of EBP spread to allied health professions, education, healthcare technology, and more. Health organizations began to adopt and promote EBP.
In this Discussion, you will consider this adoption. You will examine healthcare organization websites and analyze to what extent these organizations use EBP.

To Prepare:

1. Review the Resources and reflect on the definition and goal of EBP.
2. Choose a professional healthcare organization’s website (e.g., a reimbursing body, an accredited body, or a national initiative).
3. Explore the website to determine where and to what extent EBP is evident.

For the Discussion:
Post a description of the healthcare organization website you reviewed. Describe where, if at all, EBP appears (e.g., the mission, vision, philosophy, and/or goals of the healthcare organization, or in other locations on the website). Then, explain whether this healthcare organization’s work is grounded in EBP and why or why not. Finally, explain whether the information you discovered on the healthcare organization’s website has changed your perception of the healthcare organization. Be specific and provide examples. Your Discussion must be supported by at least 3 current, credible sources.


5 PDF will be attached for resources


The healthcare organization website I reviewed is called Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN). AMSN is an organization composed of more than 11,500 medical-surgical nurses, and their mission is to “promote excellence in medical-surgical nursing” (Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, n.d.). The organization focuses on improving patient care by engaging in “workplace advocacy; evidence-based practice, research and knowledge; professional development; national leadership and influence; and organizational health” (Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, n.d.).
Evidence-based practice (EBP) was mentioned in various places throughout the website. EBP first appears under the AMSN overview page and their values stating they use EBP to better care for patients. EBP also appears under strategic plans which focus on EBP. AMSN developed two modules that introduce the EBP process and Iowa Model V. Finally, EBP was mentioned under AMSN recommended lists of websites, books, and webinars that explain EBP and its research. Thus it is evident to say that this organization’s work is grounded in EBP because EBP was mentioned in most pages, and their practices and beliefs are based on EBP research.
The information I discovered on their website has definitely changed my perception of this organization. Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt (2019) stated that EBP “enhances healthcare quality, improves patient outcomes, reduces costs, and empowers clinicians” (p. 36), and this organization focuses on improving patient care by using EBP. “While it may require a different skill set, research has shown that when providers deliver evidence-based care, patient outcomes are markedly improved” (American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 2018). As a clinician, this is a website I can trust to apply their knowledge into my practice.

Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses. (n.d.). AMSN overview.

American Association of Nurse Practitioners. (2018). Why choose evidence-based practice?

Melnyk, B. M., & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2019). Evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare: A guide to best practice (4th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.

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