Eng English homework help

Eng English homework help

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This week, you have read chapter 3 on collaboration, journaled about it, and completed a collaborative group exercise in class. Now, I want you to reflect deeply and more formally on your relationship with collaboration. This will take some introspection into your personality type and tendencies. Consider the following questions when writing your reflection:

· In collaborations, we often see people who take the lead and others who take a less active role. What role do you typically take in group work and why? Does it serve your group well? Does it leave you taking on more than your share of the load? Does it allow others to contribute? 

· How do your individual strengths benefit your collaborative group?

· What weaknesses effect your ability to collaborate effectively? It could be a lack of confidence, overconfidence, stubbornness, laziness, a desire to control everything, perfectionism, or many other things. 

· How might you turn your weaknesses into strengths?  

· How can you turn collaboration into an enjoyable process where all group members contribute to a desirable outcome? 

Reflection Requirements:

· 2-3 paragraphs

· Logical organization

· Proofread and edited

· Shows evidence of deep introspection

· Concisely written

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