Ethics Project Ethics Project Spring 2022 Spring 2022 Ethics Project: A Personal Ethics Statement Project Start Date: Monday, 01/24/22

Ethics Project Ethics Project Spring 2022

Spring 2022

Ethics Project: A Personal Ethics Statement

Project Start Date:

Monday, 01/24/22

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Ethics Project Spring 2022

Spring 2022

Ethics Project: A Personal Ethics Statement

Project Start Date:

Monday, 01/24/22

Due Date:

Sunday, 02/06/22 at 11:59 pm (EST)


Submit either a .doc file or a .docx file via the Canvas assignment. Late submissions lose 10% daily up to 3 days. Submissions after 3 days receive zero points.


In this project we ask you to reflect on what “ETHICS” means to you personally. It is important that you include your opinions, supported with numerous personal examples from your own life, and NOT someone else’s ideas. You are NOT required to do any research for this paper. Sit down and start writing, in your own words, what is true for you. As you write, do not worry about creating an answer you think your professor would like. Take responsibility and give a truthful response to the questions. Your opinions will NOT impact your grade. It is very important to support your opinions with examples from your life. This project is graded based on you giving an honest assessment of what you think about ethics by reflecting on the three categories: Personal, Society, and Career.


Your paper must be divided into 5 sections, each beginning with the BOLD headings below, responding in your own words to the following elements:

1) Introduction: Write a short, opening paragraph introducing what this paper is about.

2) Personal: Define “ETHICS” in your own words; explain your personal perspective about ethics, and why ethics is or is not, important to you. Use examples from your personal life to explain your position. Also answer the question, “where do you derive your ethical grounding (values)?” An individual’s values tend to drive our worldview, decision-making and perspectives on what is right and wrong.

3) Society: Reflect on is how ethics is applied across society. Describe in your own words the importance of, or the lack of, ethics in the world at large. Provide examples from personal experience (first-hand account) or things you have learned about over your life (second-hand account). How have you experienced ethical issues in different cultures? This can be answered from a cultural (think ethnic or religious background), national, or global perspective.

4) Career: Lastly, explain in your own words how you see ethics applied in corporate or other work settings and discuss why you believe this is important, or not important, to your career. Provide examples from your personal experience (first-hand account) or knowledge of companies and their ethics protocols (second-hand account) including any work or non-work experiences. Consider your major and how ethics applies to someone working in that major (give examples from the world of business).

5) Conclusion: Write a short paragraph tying the three topics (Personal, Society, Career) together and include conclusions you believe others would find helpful in understanding your perspective on this subject.


File Type
: typed, electronic document must be either .doc or .docx. Please DO NOT submit PDF files or PAGE files.

File Name:
Name your file using the following format: Last name First name Ethics Project.
Example: File Name: Smith Mary Ethics Project.docx


Page Length:
1.5 – 2 pages in length (Do not exceed 2 pages; do not submit less than 1.5 pages or you will receive penalties.)

Use 1” margins on all 4 sides.

Font Size/Type:
12-point font; Calibri or Times New Roman

Title (Bold):
“Ethics Personal Statement – Spring 2022”

Student Name (Bold):
Your full name should appear at the top of page right below the title. Please use the name as it is listed in Canvas.

Academic Integrity Pledge:
Centered and replace [student name] with your name.

Headings (Bold):
Bold the headings for all five sections (Introduction, Personal, Career, Society, Conclusion).

Grammar, Spelling, and Attention to Detail
: Points will be deducted for misspellings, grammar, and punctuation errors, poor formatting/not following the guidelines. Please proofread your document carefully.

Original Content:
For the Personal, Society and Career sections, you are asked to share examples from your own personal experience. Tell us your thoughts in your own words, not copied from another source. When writing about your own experiences, you can write in first-person voice (I, me, we, us, myself, etc.).

Submission Method:
Submit your file via the Canvas Ethics Project assignment by the deadline of Friday, 02/06/2022 at 11:59pm EST.

· DO NOT wait until the last minute to submit your project as Canvas closes automatically at 11:59 p.m. Plan to upload your project at least 30 minutes prior to the deadline.

· DO NOT paste your project in the Canvas comments or your project will receive a zero.

· DO NOT send your project to the Teaching Assistants (TAs) or the Professor.


This project is worth 30 points of your overall course grade. We will use the following grading guidelines:


Full credit will be given if:

· ALL submission/paper mechanics are followed AND

· ALL paper content criteria listed in these guidelines are followed (including providing personal examples in all sections).


Points will be deducted if:

· The submission is missing any of the paper content and/or mechanics elements listed in the project guidelines.

· The paper is poorly written (spelling, grammar, word choice, lack of attention to detail, etc.).

· The paper is too long or too short (A submission with a length of less than 1.5 pages (approx. <600 words) is considered too short and more than 2 pages (approx. >750 words) is considered too long).


No points will be given if:

· The file not successfully submitted via the Canvas assignment by the due date – Sunday, 02/06/22, 11:59pm EST.

· The file was emailed to Teaching Team or placed in the Canvas comments instead of being submitted via the Canvas assignment.

· The submission was uploaded in an unacceptable file type or if an unreadable file submitted.

· Submission is irrelevant and unrelated to the assignment (i.e., a different assignment or document is uploaded).

· Paper includes any amount of plagiarized content. (Content copied from any source cannot be used without proper citations and will be investigated as per Penn State’s academic integrity policies.)


Penn State provides many resources to help students improve their writing and communication skills. Please refer to Canvas MODULES>HELP & SUPPORT and click on the page: “Writing Resources for Students.”


The outline provided below is offered as a guide to help you organize your project and can be copied/pasted into a new document to start your paper.

Note: The spacing shown below is not intended to indicate how much or how little information you should include in each section). Adjust the sections to fit your own content and expand the outline as needed to result in a final paper length of 1.5 – 2 pages (approximately 600-750 words).

Ethics Personal Statement – Spring 2022

Your Name (as it appears in Canvas)

Academic Integrity Pledge
“I [student name] affirm that I have not and will not give or receive, nor have I
witnessed unauthorized aid on this deliverable, and I have completed this work
honestly and according to the professor’s guidelines.”






Professor McGinnis (Spring 2022) Page 2 of 2

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