Family relations

Family relations

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Answer the following questions. Single space acceptable, but leave a space between questions. 

a. What is the family-system theory? Explain the fundamental concepts. Pages 22-24

b. Explain the four levels of feedback in terms of family function. Pages 25-28

c. In your own words, reproduce and explain the stages, tasks, and initiating events of family development. Page 33, table 2

d. Discuss cohesion in strong and weak families. Pages 35-37

e. Discuss adaptability in strong and weak families. Page 38

f. Discuss communication in strong and weak families. Page 39-40

g. Discuss role structure in strong and weak families. Pages 40-41 

1. What factors have contributed to the modern shift in gender roles? Page 192

2. Discuss the evolutionary psychology theory of gender differences. Pages 193-194

3. Summarize the socialization theory. Page 195

4. Summarize each of the feminist theories. Pages 196-200

5. Discuss Volf’s proposal for reconciliation as a solution to the gender role problem. Pages 200-201

6. Explain the Integrated View of Gender. Pages 201-204

7. What do the authors say about the roles of women and men in family life? Pages 205-209

8. Read Proverbs 31:10-31. Discuss the “worthy woman” in this text, often extolled in Christian circles as the ideal wife and mother. In what ways does she NOT fit the common stereotype of a woman in ancient Hebrew culture? What about today?

9. Discuss co-parenting. Pages 209-210

10. Describe the various historical shifts in attitude toward sexuality. Pages 214-217

11. Discuss sexual wholeness in a broken world. Pages 223-226

12. Summarize the six guidelines given by the authors for appropriate sexual intimacy. Pages 226-228

13. Sexual identity has become a significant social and religious topic in our time. Summarize the various Christian views on this subject. Pages 232-234

14. Summarize the seven principles for authentic sexuality in marriage. Pages 235-238

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