Final project Please combine these 3 documents in order from 1-3 apa format with the reference page in order 2 Him500 Milestone 3 Student’s Nam

Final project Please combine these 3 documents in order from 1-3 apa format with the reference page in order 2

Him500 Milestone 3

Student’s Nam

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Please combine these 3 documents in order from 1-3 apa format with the reference page in order


Him500 Milestone 3

Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation



5th March 2022

The requirements of the organization’s varied jobs in new technology.

Because of old-fashioned technical knowledge at Featherfall Medical Center, government laws and regulations have been violated. Staff is not only out of date in terms of abilities, but also terms of technology. Disagreements in government rules, operational issues, and ethical quandaries caused by inadequate technology deployment have cost the organization money. Alert (Admission, Discharge, and Transfer ADT’) and Intel, two eligible vendors, have been chosen to meet Featherfall’s technology requirements (SOA Expressway for Healthcare).

These systems must meet three critical objectives: meet staff demands, protect healthcare integrity, and meet government criteria. Because Featherfall includes punishments for previous breaches, there are significant concerns regarding the cost of adopting and maintaining a new system. It is the correct decision to purchase a new computer system for Featherfall Medical Center. The medical center’s outmoded system has had a significant influence on the organization’s finances due to legislative requirements. Furthermore, they have difficulty maintaining the accuracy of their medical records. Some industries are plagued by a lack of training and clear communication routes. To be accepted, the new medical facility system must be user-friendly for employees, communicate well amongst itself, comply with HIPAA regulations, and adhere to legislative restrictions.

Recommended new health information technology system.

Intel is, in my opinion, the best new technology for Featherfall Medical Center (SOA Expressway for Healthcare). I feel Intel is a good fit for Featherfall Medical Center since the structure is easy to use and is possible to be rapidly integrated into normal tasks. The technology will also enable improved communication among employees. Intel’s system will generate discharge and transfer lists, making it easier to manage patient care. Furthermore, the system may generate records for patients based on their doctors and patients based on departments. The structure has numerous levels of protection and is password-protected. Despite the fact that HIPAA compliance has yet to be attained, UHDDS is in place and performing as expected. The following release will adhere to the guidelines of HIPAA (Durcevic, 2019). You may be confident that your health-related data is in capable hands because of the scale and depth of understanding of Intel.

How the organization could invest its financial resources in the recommended IT system more efficiently.

Although the Intel set-up is more expensive compared to the Alert (ADT) set-up, it has more knowledge. Intel, a company that has been in operation for 30 years and currently employs 364 medical systems. Intel paid $2,028,000 in total, while Alert paid $1,587,000. Intel cost $441,000 more than Alert (SNHU, 2019). Intel’s skills and resources will aid Featherfall Medical Center as a bigger company. The system is more expensive, but it will aid the medical facility in terms of governance, ethics, and compliance.

How the company could keep track of how the new health information system is being used.

Ad-hoc reporting is used by Intel to keep track of how its one-of-a-kind well-being data set-up is used (Durcevic, 2019). Ad-hoc reporting allows you to “address key business problems rapidly by providing an autonomous analysis, without the need to wait for standard analysis.” Ad hoc reports help administrators by emphasizing the organization’s expansion and long-term viability components. Intel also produces periodic reviews to monitor how the latest technique is being utilized.

How the company may invest its time most efficiently in deploying the new health information technology system.

Featherfall Medical Center can spend resources to building an advanced health information science set-up due to its locality (Durcevic, 2019). Featherfall may offer employees instruction on the latest technique to get them acquainted with how it operates. They prioritize observation of the success of the new platform and analyzing if any sound effects have resulted from the use of the technology. They may also consider how they may better its patients and the agency.


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SNHU. (2019). HIM 500 Technology Information. Retrieved from mation.pdf.

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