Final Technical Paper I made a water irrigation project and now need a final technical paper on it. I’ve uploaded a template. Using the outline below, writ

Final Technical Paper I made a water irrigation project and now need a final technical paper on it. I’ve uploaded a template. Using the outline below, writ

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Final Technical Paper I made a water irrigation project and now need a final technical paper on it. I’ve uploaded a template. Using the outline below, write a final technical paper describing your project and its success. You must include graphical representations and graphs where appropriate. MAKE SURE YOU WRITE IN 3rd PERSON.

Cover page

Table of Contents

Introduction (Objective, etc.)
[The remaining sections must follow in exact order with the section title/heading provided in the paper. However, you must NOT include the description found in parenthesis after each heading in the final submission.]

Problem Background and Definition (Essentially, this will be the background and definition of the problem which you developed for the proposal.)

Technology Solution (This is a narrative description of your solution to the problem highlighting significant design features and benefits. While it draws on the proposal and midterm statements, the solution is no longer a proposed solution but the solution which was actually implemented. A requirement in this section is a discussion which explains the standards (electrical, networking, safety, security, etc) and principles as well as issues which were considered in the design and its implementation. Also required is a summary of the performance of the solution, including any shortfalls.)

Chosen Conceptual Design (This is a narrative description of the chosen conceptual design which was implemented. Include a Functional Block Diagram. This may be taken from the Preliminary Design Document of Week 2.)

Potential Social, Ethical, Legal, and Environmental Impacts of the Project (This is a narrative description of the impact and interrelationship of the project with these elements. Refer to W4A Part 1.)

Design Methodology (This should be a statement of the extensive work done for the preliminary and detailed designs. It should address the theories, models, and techniques used in the design phase, the major design trade-offs, the broader context (social, ethical, etc.), and the primary design choices. Graphs are encouraged if appropriate. Refer to the PDR and DDR.)

Simulation Results (There should have been some modeling and simulation of the system or subsystems. Include those here showing that your design was validated prior to build.)

Final Design (This should basically be the final design section which was developed for the Detailed Design Review with any modifications included based on the implementation and testing phases. A description should be provided of the operation of the system, functionality of different parts of the system, etc. It should be readable; thus, not every detail needs description. However, the reader should have a good sense of the design and how it works. A functional block diagram or schematic of the final design should be presented here. The schematic of the final design should be found in Appendix C as well, even if provided here.)

Solution Implementation (Describe how the prototype/breadboard version was implemented. The models, techniques, and resources need to be identified along with any challenges which were encountered and how they were resolved. Explain how performance was demonstrated. Any shortfalls in performance must be identified. Clearly labeled screenshots or other documentation should be provided as evidence.)

Evaluation of Solution’s Efficacy (A description of the test plan and methodology should be provided. The actual test plan will be provided in an appendix. The results must be provided (screenshots, tables, etc.) along with an evaluation of the results along with changes made based on the test results (replacement or change of parts, rewiring, redesign, rewrite of software. This should also note the failures which were first encountered and actions taken to remedy when the testing initially failed.). Particular attention must be given, both in the plan and the evaluation, to end-user profiles and interactions. Refer to the Week 6 Test Plan submission.)

Improvements and Optimizations to Solution (In this section, any improvements or optimizations which were identified and implemented should be noted. Also, importantly, any ideas or opportunities for improvement or optimization which you identified but did not implement should be noted. Refer to the Week 6 Test Plan submission.)

Conclusion (Remarks, comments, observations, recommendations, etc. Refer to W6 Assignment Part B.)

References (Text, online, personal interviews, etc in APA format). Make sure in-text citations are used in the body of the final report. Refer to the following websites:


Appendix A: Functional Specifications (This should be the requirements section which you developed for the Conceptual Design Review.)
Appendix B: Design Calculations and circuit analysis, indicate what theory is being applied to the design (Refer to the DDR.) The information from week 2 assignment, Appendix A, should be included along with any modifications.
Appendix C: Design Documents: Schematics of the system; software flow chart; source code (code must be well documented with comments).
Appendix D: Test Plan (Refer to Testing submission.)
Appendix E: Week 3 Part B Submission on Parts Acquisition
Appendix F: Discussion of Standards relevant to the project. (Refer to W4 Assignment question 1.)
Appendix G: Provide discussion on the qualitative and quantitative role of physics or other sciences on the operation and description of the project. Submit Week 2 Assignment Part B.
Appendix H: If you did your project at work, you need a letter from your employer on company letterhead explaining what your role was in the project and the outcome. Specifically, the letter needs to address a) what you designed in contrast to that of others, b) what you built, and c) what you tested. Also, the letter should address whether you were responsible for the project or if you reported to a project or program manager. Failure to provide this letter can result in a failing grade.
Any other appendices which you feel are pertinent (user manual, commendations from users, screenshots, data, code, etc.)

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