finish the homework this is the information that you can use

finish the homework

this is the information that you can use

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this is the information that you can use 

conplete the table and help me write 100-200 words  read the instructions carefully 

Company name

How long has it been in existence?

Why do they exist? (mission statement if they have one)

Is it a profit or non-profit organization

What is your role/job?

What is the role/job of your manager/supervisor?

Who runs the business?

Assignment 2: SWOT Analysis

Part 1: Using the business you identified in Unit 4 Quick Write #2, create a SWOT analysis of that business.

Part 2: SWOT Template



Positive tangible and intangible attributes, internal to an organisation and within the organisation’s control

Internal factors within an organisation’s control that detract from the organisation’s ability to attain the desired goal. Which areas might the organisation improve?



External attractive factors that represent the reason for an organisation to exist and develop. What opportunities exist in the environment, which will propel the organisation? Identify them by their ‘time frames’.

External factors beyond the organisation’s control which could place the organisation mission or operation at risk. The organisation may benefit by having contingency plans to address them if they should occur. Classify them by their severity and probability of occurrence.

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