Grad 965 Assignment 1 In  this  assignment,  you  are  expected  to  select  a  research  topic.  Thinking  through  a  research problem  with  care  can  

Grad 965 Assignment 1 In  this  assignment,  you  are  expected  to  select  a  research  topic.  Thinking  through  a  research problem  with  care  can  

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Grad 965 Assignment 1 In  this  assignment,  you  are  expected  to  select  a  research  topic.  Thinking  through  a  research problem  with  care  can  prevent  a  tremendous  wastage  of  human  and  financial  resources,  so selecting a research problem is one of the most important aspects of social research. In the next assignment, you will refine and formulate your research problem but in this assignment you are just  expected  to  select  a  research  topic  that  you  are  interested  in  and  also  by  considering  the relationship with your CPT. What is it that really interests you as a professional? Just select your topic (e.g. the title of your research proposal) and give a short description of what you would like to do in this study.Note  that  your  topic  should  be  original,  contribute  to  the  existing  knowledge  and  be  feasibly undertaken.

CPT: Current CPT is related to providing mobile application solutions (apps) in domains like banking, health and travel Background

This paper deals with finalizing the research topic for this coursework with a Word document and a short MS-PPT.
Problem Statement

·  An MS-Word document written in APA Style. In the document, you must do the following: (a) State your topic (b) Give proofs that the topic is SMART (c) Give proofs that the topic is related to your Major and your CPT (if involved in the CPT) (d) Give proof that your proposal can be achieved in a semester (d) You must give scholarly support to every claim you make.
·  An MS-PPT document that summarizes your word document. The PPT should not be more than 5 slides.

· Problem solution

The research topic I will choose for this coursework will be Electricity market management as it is one of most interesting topics of research going in my field of study and has a promising future.
Proof that my topic is smart:

Specific -It specifies a targeted industry which is utility industries.
Measurable- We can always measure the improvements in market by historical data review Assignable-The topic is well inclined toward my workplace industry
Realistic- With proper management of electricity market, we can drastically increase grid reliability, improve customer experience and energy efficiency which is critical task in today’s energy market.
Time- The project can be completed in given time with proper research techniques.

Since, my major is ISEM and my topic is electric market management, this topic completely aligns with my field of study and work as I work in a utility company and have read many articles for the need to improve electricity market in the country.
My project work will involve a lot of research on electricity market which I can perform while working at my office as we deal with electricity market supply to our customers and study the different aspects of the ongoing market in our daily work.
My selection of project arises with the need to improve the electricity market management. With the advancement of technology, there is a need to improve the micro grid management and electricity market as consumers and providers both need productive and efficient techniques. The general definition of electric market is that it is a system which enables purchases, bids to buy with offers to customers or other interested party, generally in the form of financial or obligation swaps.
Good electricity market management has always been important. Even a small error in management can cost consumers tens of billions of dollars, nowadays because of good governance and technological progress, electricity market management have improved over time. But with the time flaws have been identified and largely addressed but still there is a large scope for development in this field and research is required for proper management. This is the reason I decided to pursue this topic as it is one of the developing issues in utility industry and more efficiency needs to be achieved in this area.

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