History Hi dear, Can you help to finish this assignment with good quality and be on time please? Please follow the instructor carefully. All the question

History Hi dear,

Can you help to finish this assignment with good quality and be on time please?

Please follow the instructor carefully. All the question

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History Hi dear,

Can you help to finish this assignment with good quality and be on time please?

Please follow the instructor carefully. All the questions and source are attached below.

Discussion Board – Labor Unions and Working Conditions for Employees

Discussion Board Instructions:

1. Read the three sources:

The Knights of Labor, “Early Efforts at Labor Organizing” located in the America Firsthand textbook.

Pauline Newman et al., “Conditions at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company” located in the America Firsthand textbook.

 Download the article located here and in this week’s module. 


2. Write a minimum of five paragraphs, (five sentences minimum for each paragraph),  based on the primary sources and address the sources in the order they are listed above . Address all sources by utilizing quotes from sources with in-text footnote citations to back your contentions and provide evidence

Important Note: A standard academic essay has an introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. Each paragraph is a minimum of five sentences each although that is only a minimum and in order to write a thorough essay, the submission will need to go beyond the minimum.

After reading the primary sources answer the following questions within the essay.

1. Why were unions needed in the 1800s?

2. What were workers asking for in their work conditions?

3. Were the Knights of Labor’s demands met by the time the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire occurred?

4. Have we as a society achieved all the goals early unions set for the working class or do we still have inequity and unfairness in the workplace today?

5. If after reading the sources you feel society is still falling short with working conditions for employees, mention the areas of improvement you think still need to be achieved. 

6. With regard to a response to one student, articulate why you agree or disagree with their analysis of the sources and final conclusion using your own analysis of the evidence to support your contentions. Replies require a substantive response at least a paragraph in length (five sentences is the minimum length in a paragraph). Please refer to the Discussion Board Instructions Overview

file:///C:/Users/samam/Downloads/Discussion%20Board%20Overview%20SDCCD%20U.S.%20History%20(1).pdf DISCUSSION BOARDS OVERVIEW

• Students are required to follow the instructions for discussion board
activities noted in the “To-Do” List for each week and each individual
discussion board assignment instructions. All original posts and reactions
should be carefully planned, cleanly composed, clearly communicated, and
educational in orientation following the Written Assignment Checklist.

• Posts are due by Monday, 11:59 p.m. each week they are assigned. Check
Syllabus Semester Schedule or Canvas for exact due dates. Each student
must have one original post and one response to another student by this
time to receive credit for the discussion board. Submissions that do not
respond to at least one other student will receive reduced points.
Submissions that do not follow all instructions in the discussion board
prompt will receive additional reduced points.

• To train the class in the work of historical writing, students must provide historical
evidence (i.e. “the proof”) in discussion board posts. Historical evidence should
be taken from Brinkley’s American History: Connecting with the Past textbook,
primary documents from the America Firsthand text by Marcus, or college level
internet websites (No Wikipedia or should be used). Citations of all
evidence used is a must and should be done in footnotes reference format.

• Original student posts and replies to other students must involve critical thinking
and academic maturity to get full credit (in other words, everyone is entitled to
their opinions, but those opinions need to be supported with legitimate credible
evidence to receive full credit). The post needs well-thought out ideas. “This
was really cool!” or “I agree with what Susan says” are not valid comments that
illustrate critical thinking or academic maturity in their answers. If nothing
substantive is written, then you will not receive any points.

• You should have completed all readings by the date of your original submission.
It is always clear when someone is talking about a topic where they have not
read the materials.

EVIDENCE FROM THE SOURCES ASSIGNED for that week on the discussion
board. All viewpoints related to the subject material are welcome. However,
personal attacks against classmates, and/or the professor, are not permitted, and
any such inappropriate attacks will be removed (without being given credit) and
are cause for further disciplinary action. Profanity of any kind is also not
permitted. Please go to the following website for comprehensive information on
“Netiquette” and also SDCCD Netiquette Guidelines.


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