history silk road

history silk road

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Click to open Gallery 5, “Crossing Boundaries, Building Networks” on the right.Click on the Silk Road exhibit:     Then click each of the topics to the right, such as “Statue of Buddha” and “Archaeology of the Silk Road.”  Be sure to examine all exhibits and read all information within each exhibit.When you have finished the Silk Road exhibit, view the Maritime Silk Road exhibits, being sure to reach all information.  Use the information from these exhibits ONLY, to answer the following questions.  I will only accept answers with information from this museum exhibit, not information found elsewhere online, etc

1.     How did Buddhism spread to China?

2.     What is the importance of the Dunhuang Caves in helping us to understand early Chinese culture?   Name a subject of one of the scroll paintings shown in the exhibit.

3.    What is an oasis community?  How many languages are known to have been spoken in some of these communities?

4.    Why was the military needed on the Silk Roads?  What happened to trade when they were not present out their outposts/garrisons?

5.    Name 8 goods traded on the Silk Roads.

6.    Name 5 religions known to peacefully coexist on the Silk Roads.

7.    How do we know the Chinese used mass production in their ceramic industry?

8.   Why did China begin to use silk and ceramics to pay for trade goods?

9.   What did archaeologists use to remove marine life from artifacts found in the shipwreck of the Java Sea?

10.  What were Chinese pillows made of?

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