Human Evolution

Human Evolution

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Human Evolution

Topic: The Topic I would research on will be the beginning of human existence and how human being came into existence on earth.

What have you always wanted to know? That is what we have explored this final unit of English 1302. We have learned the various aspects of research and how research can be used to discover what it is you are curious to know. Your objective in this assignment is:

· to focus your curiosity down to a manageable topic

· to decide and to justify what type of research you will need to use to finally understand what you have always wanted to know

· to communicate that researched topic in the most appropriate form that teaches others what you have learned in this process

You should have already chosen your topic, which for many, started out broadly. Focus your topic to something more specific that you can manage in an assignment of this size.

Next, decide which type of research you will need to use for your topic and carry out that research: pure, original, secondary, or a combination of all three. You will justify the type of research used in the form of a proposal and annotated bibliography (see below).

Finally, present your findings in the most appropriate format (essay, scientific study, film, or other type of media presentation):

· Use the information you found during your research process to educate your audience on your topic.

· If you are presenting your findings in essay format, yours must include an introduction with a specific thesis statement that the body paragraphs will support through the research you incorporate and with a conclusion that ties together your essay.

· If you are presenting your findings in a different format, you must still communicate that information in an organized and logical format (with introductory and concluding information), supported by the findings from your research.

For those writing essays or scientific studies, the specific requirements of this assignment include that your essay must:

· be longer and more comprehensive than any other essay you have written and adequate to fully explore and answer your question (I will not specify a page or time length as you are the expert on this topic)

· adhere to the standards of academic writing

· be organized (with an introduction that includes a thesis statement, body paragraphs which support that thesis statement, and a conclusion that ties everything together if presenting in essay form), be logical, and be clear

· be typed/referenced in whatever format your topic’s discipline requires (APA, Chicago, CSE or other)

· include a bibliography, in the style of the format your discipline requires

· include adequate research to support your topic (typically, that is around one to two sources per page of writing)

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