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Full Name

Professor De George

Management of Organizations, MAN 3025

Date Completed

Communication: Corona Style


Watch the clip about Communication (linked here) and respond to the questions below. Each question should be answered with a 150-200 word response. Use terminology introduced in the textbook, session meetings, and the ToKnight Show videos in your responses when possible. Once you are finished, upload this file to Webcourses. Only Word documents accepted.

Purpose: Consider the importance of communication, especially in challenging times such as Covid-19. As a manager of an Orlando-based company, discuss how you would communication effectively to your employees using varying communication styles and practices.

1. Research the impact that Covid-19 has had on Central Florida businesses. As the manager of an Orlando based company, discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the business. Include current information on the virus.

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2. Keeping your employees and customers safe is of primary importance. Discuss what you would say to communicate to your employees your concern over their safety and their customer’s safety. Be sure to use supportive language.

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3. The future of your organization is uncertain. Discuss what you would say to your employees to communicate alternate working conditions and what the company is doing to help employees.

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4. The status of Covid-19 changes daily. Discuss what you would say to your employees to communicate when you can expect regular working conditions and what those conditions will look like (For example, will some employees remain remote?).

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5. Employees are concerned about reducing salaries once regular working conditions begin. Discuss what you would say to your employees to recognize their salary concerns and explain what your organization is handling salary concerns.

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