Internet Research Paper Page 1 of 2 Drug Abuse and Criminal Justice (fall 2021) Internet Research Assignment #1 (48 points possible) SAMHSA (S

Internet Research Paper Page 1 of 2

Drug Abuse and Criminal Justice (fall 2021) Internet Research Assignment #1 (48

points possible)


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Internet Research Paper Page 1 of 2

Drug Abuse and Criminal Justice (fall 2021) Internet Research Assignment #1 (48

points possible)

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) National Institute on Drug Abuse


The student must explore the web site(s). The instructor will request information from the

site(s). These requests may be in the form of questions. The student must respond to

each request. The instructor may include some web addresses/links that may help the

student find some of the requested information. Even if the web addresses/links do not

help, the student is still responsible to respond correctly to the requests. Summarize

and/or properly reword the information when it is possible. The instructor will determine

if the information should have been summarized or not. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE and
DO NOT ATTACH OTHER PAGES FROM THE SITE(S) This completed internet research

assignment should be two or more pages, double-spaced, typed in 12-point font with a

one-inch margin surrounding the text. The student must attach only a copy of the first

page of the site’s home-pages. Each student must complete this assignment

individually. This is not a group assignment. Students must not work together. Your

reactions are the feelings you experienced after reading. The student must respond to all

requests. A minimum of 4.0 point will be deducted for each request the student skips.
NIDA . etc.
1.) Locate emerging trends and alerts (

abuse/emerging-trends). Name and describe three emerging trends and/or alerts in 15

words or more for each emerging trend and/or alert you selected.

2.) Discuss/describe the opium poppy plant (papaver somniferum) in 100 or more of your

own words. Include in your discussion the names and descriptions of three drugs that are

derived from the opium poppy plant, and include in your discussion the name and

description of three synthetic opiates. You may use any credible source(s). Identify the

source(s) you used.

3.) In 25 words or more, describe the “Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD)

Study.” (


4.) Describe/discuss each in 50 words or more: cannabidiol (CBD), fentanyl, methadone

and kratom. Include the proper use for each drug in the descriptions.

5.) In 100 words or more describe and discuss the drug Captagon. (Write your sources of


6.) What was the number of overdose deaths involving all drugs in 2017?


7.) What do the letters NIDA stand for in the context of this assignment? What is the

mission of NIDA? (

8.) Describe/discuss palcohol in 75 words or more. Include the legal status of palachol in

the United States, and discuss some of the fears associated with its use (use any credible

source and identify your source).

9.) In 75-100 of your own words define and summarize information about synthetic

cannabinoids. Do not exceed 100 words.


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10.) In 25 words or more, describe, “purple drank”. What are some other slang names for

“purple drank”? What are the health effects of “purple drank”? (Use any credible source

and identify your source)

11.) Who is the director of NIDA? How long has he/she been the director?


12.) What are dabs? What is “dabbing”? (use and cite a credible source)

13.) What are vaping devices (e-cigarettes)? In 50 -100 words, summarize information

about vaping. (


14.) Describe Narcan (naloxone) in 15 words or more. Explain how Narcan is used. (Use

and cite any credible source for this information)

15.) In 150 words or more, define dopamine and describe how it relates to addiction (use

any credible source and identify your source).
SAMHSA, etc.

16.) SAMHSA is an operating division within which department of the United States

government? (

17.) What do the letters SAMHSA stand for in the context of this assignment?


18.) “Approximately 1 in 10 people who use marijuana will become addicted. When they

start before age 18, the rate of addiction rises to 1 in 6.” Locate “Know the Risks of

Marijuana,” etc. ( Summarize the information about

marijuana from this part of the site (i.e., in 100-150

words, do not exceed 150 words.

19.) In 25 words or more describe the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment

Services (N-SSATS): 2018, Data on Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities.



20.) Who is SAMHSA’s administrator for Region 4? Name three states that are a part of

Region 4.


21.) Write the funding opportunities awards (FOA) number, title and money amount for

two of the awards for 2018. (


22.) Locate and describe, in 25 words or more, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of

Mental Disorders (DSM), 5th Edition. Search the DSM-5, and in 50 words or more,

summarize its criteria for Cannabis Use Disorder.

23.) Define clandestine. Describe/discuss clandestine labs in 50 or more words.

24.) Write your reaction to these sites in 75 words or more. Mention specific information

from the sites in your reaction.

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