Internships. Finding and Applying for a Job.

Internships. Finding and Applying for a Job.

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Job Analysis:

For this assessment, use one MS Word document for both parts:

Part I: Locate a job or internship advertisement of your interest, preferably for any of the three dream jobs that you outlined in Module 2. Copy it into MS Word and identify key knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) that are required for the position. [I suggest you underline or highlight those requirements].

Part II: In the same Word document, outline key knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) by the ones that you already have/good at and the ones you still need to acquire/improve on. [In other words, separate these key knowledge, skills, and abilities into two columns – have it/don’t have it yet].

For each knowledge, skill, and ability that you already meet – write a statement as your backup for the outlined KSA. For example, if you are a teller in the bank and applying for a job that asks for experience in the investigation arena: you can back up this requirement by stating that you “identified fraudulent checks, wrote a report, and assisted law enforcement in the investigation”. 

Note: When completing this part of the assignment, refer back to the NACE competencies. Review again what employers want and “give” them what they want. 

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