Lorem CJ 3311 Ethics in Criminal Justice CLASS MID-TERM PROJECT Assignment Overview: The Mid-Term Project- you are to develop a 30 slide mini

Lorem CJ 3311

Ethics in Criminal Justice


Assignment Overview:

The Mid-Term Project- you are to develop a 30 slide mini

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CJ 3311

Ethics in Criminal Justice



Assignment Overview:

The Mid-Term Project- you are to develop a 30 slide minimum power point presentation of the topic you have chosen from the list below. The 30 slides do not include the reference information or the introduction slide in the count. You are to keep personal feelings and beliefs out of this project. You will be basing your presentation content on reports or research only. You are to describing what the research findings are on your topic and not what you think about it. The purpose is to portray the information you found in your research though your slide presentation. Make certain you explain each slide fully in your lecture notes or what is sometimes called speaker notes.

Assignment Details and Instructions:

Develop a power point slide presentation on the topic below.

1. Is Drug addiction/Drug abusers a victimless crime?

Support your findings with scientific studies and good research. You must show the pros and cons. You are to ONLY report on what the research studies have found. No personal opinions or beliefs are to be used.

2. “Criminalization of Poverty”

Chapter 8 of your text touches on this topic. You have several directions you can use for this topic. Where and what laws have been enacted to “lock up the poor”. (homeless, mentally ill, petty offenders that cannot afford bond, etc.) You may also focus on a particular city or area. Is this an ethical dilemma or convenience? Try to find a research study that may have been conducted regarding this topic.

The power point is to be at LEAST 30 pages of information containing ALL areas of the topic as possible. Assume your audience has never heard any information regarding your topic. Be informative, creative, accurate, complete and fully detailed. This is a major assignment with a high point value for the course. There is an abundance of information that is available on this topic. You may use photos or flow charts along with descriptions and explanations. But remember that photos are not to be used in place of information, but as an enhancement to your information. Be thorough. Do not leave out valuable information. Design this with the attitude that you are not only doing this for a grade, but as if you were going to present this in person to a group of Criminal Justice students from another state here to evaluate your topic. Keep visual interest for your audience. When you are giving a slide presentation your information is of no value to your audience if they are bored and not paying attention. Do your research and get creative!

You Must Include Instructors Notes
. This is where points count! There are many web sites that will provide you with detailed instructions on how to develop a power point slide presentation with an explanation on Instructors Notes. They are also sometimes referred to as Speaker Notes. This is a tool that is for the eyes of the speaker only. If you are presenting a power point to a group of people your version will have a place for notes to guide you through explanations of each slide you are presenting. Your audience will not see them. Only the presenter can view them to aid them during the presentation. You may also find free templates on web sites that you can download with step by step development pages. A big part of a power point presentation is the Instructors Notes (Speaker Notes). Usually the slides will only have the highlights but the major discussion is in your notes. You don’t want to just read the bullet highlights on each slide to the audience. You want to fully discuss each one. This is where the most part of your writing will be located. Be very thorough in explaining each slide.

Do Not cut and paste from the Internet. This must be your own work. You may copy photos or other demonstrative objects but this is to be your own project with your own wording.

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