Need Assistance Write a 4–6 page paper, titled “Agency’s Law and Ethics of Hiring a Diverse Workforce,” in which you: Analyze at least two laws or two c

Need Assistance Write a 4–6 page paper, titled “Agency’s Law and Ethics of Hiring a Diverse Workforce,” in which you:

Analyze at least two laws or two c

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Need Assistance Write a 4–6 page paper, titled “Agency’s Law and Ethics of Hiring a Diverse Workforce,” in which you:

Analyze at least two laws or two court decisions that have implications for the agency’s personnel management (title this section “Laws Affecting the Agency”).
Evaluate the agency’s approach to diversity issues, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses (title this section “Personnel Recruitment and Hiring Practices”).
Evaluate the agency’s approach to ethics and diversity training programs provided for new and existing employees, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses (title this section “Ethics and Diversity Training”).
Recommend at least two actions the agency could take to improve in the areas of recruiting and training a diversified workforce (title this section “Recommendations for Recruiting and Training a Diversified Workforce”).
Appropriately incorporate at least four quality sources. A quality source can be either popular, such as a news article, or scholarly, such as peer-reviewed works. In the case of public administration, government websites are appropriate quality resources. Note: Wikipedia, SparkNotes, and similar websites do not qualify as academic resources. 

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Use the upload below to help with the assignment ( The topic is FBI ) 2

Evaluation of Agency’s Public Personnel Administration
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Organizational Design

FBI is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It acts as an enforcement agency within the United States and other areas where it has jurisdiction (FBI Organizational Structure, 2018). FBI aims to bolster security and justice for all Americans and enacts its structure in a way that leads to its goal achievement. Organizational design refers to an outline of how to conduct to meet the overall organizational goals.

The investigative agency uses the divisional organization structure to conduct its activities. Within a divisional organization structure, each division undertakes a specific function. The agency headquarters is located in Washington. FBI has nine divisions with three offices situated in Washington (FBI Organizational Structure, 2018). Besides the nine divisions at its main headquarter, it comprises fifty-six field offices and four hundred satellite offices (FBI Organizational Structure, 2018). The FBI satellite offices are called resident agencies and are distributed across the country.
Additionally, the agency boasts four specialized field installations and twenty-three liaison posts (FBI Organizational Structure, 2018). The foreign offices are each run by a Legal Liaison Officer. The officers work both within the USA and in foreign nations where the FBI has jurisdiction. FBI boasts of numerous employees working both at the headquarters and in other parts of the world. It has over ten thousand special agents and thirteen thousand employees (FBI Organizational Structure, 2018). The tasks at the organization include security surveillance, administration, technical and maintenance jobs (FBI Organizational Structure, 2018). Over 7000 employees serve the organization at its headquarters while other employees are assigned to the field (FBI Organizational Structure, 2018). To achieve its goals fully, the FBI is divided into seven programs. The programs are application matters, civil rights, counterterrorism, foreign counterintelligence, organized crime, violent crime, and financial crimes. All its operations are within the bounds of American law (FBI Organizational Structure, 2018). Operations are centralized to ensure accountability and consistency in the organization’s operations.

Personnel Recruitment and Hiring Practices

The recruitment and hiring process at the FBI is straightforward and inclined towards its goals. One of the core competencies for qualifying as an FBI personnel is interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills denote how an individual relates with the rest at the workplace. The organization cooperates with other law enforcement agencies across the US in combating crime (Core competencies, 2020). For instance, the FBI works with the police force during a crime investigation. Therefore, interpersonal skills aid the human resource at the agency in interacting with other law enforcers. The second reason interpersonal skills are considered decisive during recruitment and hiring is that the human resource has to work with the FBI management and subordinates at the organization (Core competencies, 2020). The success of the FBI depends on sustaining good relationships within the organization, making interpersonal skills a must-have.

The other recruitment and hiring goal of the FBI is to embrace diversity at its workplace. There are many ethnic and racial groups in the USA. In addition, some people are living with disabilities. FBI has incorporated mechanisms to recruit these populations to achieve diversity (Diversity, n.d). During the recruitment process, the organization hires people from different upbringings, perspectives, and experiences. The recruitment of people from different backgrounds increases every citizen’s chances of recruitment in the agency (Diversity, n.d).
Further, the organization respects diversity in opinions. During recruitment, applicants with dissenting viewpoints get consideration as eligible candidates within the organization (Diversity, n.d). Within every organizational division, the FBI’s management includes employees from every group. The agency receives numerous awards for its commitment to promoting diversity at the workplace. Thus, the FBI achieves its human resource goal of diversity by recruiting and hiring employees from different backgrounds in the USA.

Another goal of the human resource at the FBI is to promote communication among the FBI’s staff. During the recruitment process, the applicants need to have proficient communication skills to qualify as eligible candidates (Core competencies, 2020). Communication skills are required because the FBI works with other government entities to enforce the law in the USA. The special agents need to have persuasive skills to share information with their peers and communicate with different people (Core competencies, 2020). In addition to verbal skills, the recruiter considers applicants’ writing skills. FBI jobs also encompass writing letters to other agencies, which makes writing a critical skill.

Employee Skills Training

Training is the cornerstone to FBI’S success in law enforcement and criminal disruptions. The organization has established vast training programs for the new employees at the FBI academy. Novel FBI agents undergo thorough training on several investigative issues. The organization has established degree programs dealing with criminal justice issues. The training new members receive at the organization includes firing arts, strategic driving courses, and skills for surviving and developing executives. The training programs are holistic and equip the employees with prerequisite knowledge to actively handle crimes and criminals. In addition to the training programs, the FBI identifies emerging issues and incorporates them within its training (Information technology, management, and training, 2004). Numerous concepts on domestic and international terrorism are presented to new agents to empower them to handle difficult circumstances during their operations.

Crimes like cyber insecurity are high, and employees must be equipped with the essential skills. Besides training the new employees on the skills required to succeed in the agency, the existing employees receive training on new terrorism and law enforcement issues. In addition, employees receive training on leadership skills. As an organization, the FBI needs leaders who can direct it through contemporary issues. Further, leadership is needed to foster collaboration between the employees. Consequently, leadership forms part of the training received by FBI employees.

Recruiting and Training Recommendations

One recommendation to improve diversity during the recruitment and hiring process is to allocate each group a fixed number of vacancies. For instance, to ensure that African Americans are serving in the FBI organization, it should set the minimum number of blacks required. Minimum requirements will cushion the subordinate population from pervasive discrimination. Further, the strategy will guarantee inclusion at every level within the agency.

Regarding training, the FBI should balance between law enforcement skills and core competencies. The bulk of training aims at equipping the new employees with skills to deal with criminal activities. The new employees receive training in detecting crime, long shooting ranges, and other investigative methods. However, they need to be equipped with communication, interpersonal and collaboration skills. The employees must learn to interact with one another while on duty and collaborate with different organizations to deal with criminal activities. Bolstering core employee competencies will ensure a safer workplace environment for all.

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FBI Organizational Structure and INVESTIGATIVE JURISDICTION. The United States Department of Justice. (2018, September 19).

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