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                                              PLEASE UPLOAD EACH DISCUSSION SEPARTELY 

Discussion 1

Write your reflections from the classmate post by selecting an idea from the reading, describing your thoughts and feelings about it and why you agree. (MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS)

                                                              CLASSMATE’S POST

This week’s reading explained the idea of Active listening and participation. This is a simple topic to read about but a complex one to really implement in our lives. The active response to teaching is described as when students are asked to respond to the teaching by speaking out or by writing. Another way that our author explains how this can be done is by doing this technique together.” Active participation responses are made by all the students at once. For example, everyone says the definition in unison; everyone writes an ex-ample; everyone explains to a partner. Calling on individuals to answer a question or selecting one or a few students to demonstrate something or to do a problem on the board are not examples of active participation” The use of active participation in the classroom or even in a business setting can increase the students’ knowledge of the subject if while in class they can comprehend the message. Students will be able really engage in the lesson rather than it be lecture style. Active involvement does not mean that the students teach or take over the class, they are engaged in what is going on. The instructor still must provide direction and guidance for the message being taught. Some tactics the author mentions that we can use to have students share answers this can help those who have the same questions or even a different answer learn from their mistakes. The author also mentions that students should take notes and keep them physically active. This will also help in keeping the body and mind engaged during times of intense study and learning. As we learn to develop this skill, we will become better instructors because we will learn to listen to the needs of our students. Students will learn to develop to become more actively involved in the process of learning. 

Discussion 2

Write your reflections from the classmate post by selecting an idea from the reading, describing your thoughts and feelings about it and why you agree. (MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS)

                                                              CLASSMATE’S POST

In this chapter, the author begins by giving us insight on the productive attitude and mind of a producer. This person always takes urgency to make sure the project or the film comes out the right way. The producer will prepare those he works with so that the final project comes out right to the best of everyone’s ability. The author compares the producers’ mindset to the mindset of the education system and teachers. The author believes that the problem is that teachers have turned inward rather than focus on preparing the students for the changing world. “School leaders who see the importance of hustle and looking around corners actively engage in behaviors that support these actions at their school site. They are aware that, at the end of the day, you need to get stuff done and deliver. All the talking and planning in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t ship something, which means there are times when you need to pull the lever and act.” The author brings home the idea that we should be urgent to help our students to be prepared for their future. This is such a great way to help our instructors to have some urgency in our teaching. Biblically speaking this is a great concept. WE must be fervent and urgent to help people understand the urgency you need to keep doing what God wants you to do. As teachers we need to show that we are doing what God wants to do in our lives, others may see the urgency that they need in theirs. Instead of looking so much inward, let us look at how we can influence and help others. The physical concept of a producer and the urgency that is shown is a great example of our attitude towards our students. 

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