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Company Profile (CP) 

Johnson & Johnson is the company

Section 1. Company Selection (no more than 5 full content pages, excluding graphs/tables)

 Identify the company you have selected and explain your selection criteria. In other 

words, provide explanation of what motivates and drives you to choose this 

organization as your research objective. Be specific. 

 Outline the sources you have explored in your preliminary research. In other words, 

what you have explored and visited when you start looking into this firm, the relevant 

industries/sectors, the products, the markets, the major players, and the general trends, 

etc. You need to provide the detailed information regarding the different sources. 

 Provide an overview of your research plan to ensure you can find all of the 

information required in the company profile. In other words, how you will start your 

formal research towards the completion of this project, or what your research agenda 

would be in order to complete this project, or what kinds of questions/components 

you plan to address in order to fully understand this firm and develop a formal 

business report?

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