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 You will submit a 5-page paper (in Microsoft Word format) on a psychology of religion research topic of interest to you. It will include at least five research references.. All research must be from professional psychological sources. The paper will be formatted in APA. Note that the 5-page requirement does not include the title and reference page. The paper should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx). 

The topic is  

 religions that have no God or gods and how they are similar or different from the Christian faith. 

I have always been intrigued by individuals who claim not to believe in a Supreme Being. 

In line with this, it becomes more intriguing to hear about religions that do not believe in one. 

I find it ironic since religion is supposed to be about one’s faith in God or any other Supreme Being from whom everything was made possible and who guides and carries us every step of the way. 

Coming from a family who has God at its center, it is extremely difficult for me to imagine living a life without my God (in the first place I don’t think I’d even exist if we’re not for Him). 

The topic stands out to me because I’m overly curious how it is to live without having faith in Someone. 

How different could their “world” 

be from ours

Whom do they call out to when things get really tough and there is no one who could help them

What is their basis for right and wrong

Where do they think they will go after they die

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