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Ratios are rarely used in isolation. For a good understanding of a company’s financial performance, it is important to evaluate the company’s ratios relative to the industry in which it operates. For this assignment, you will use Mergent through the university library to download the most recent year of financial ratios for top competitors in your publicly traded company’s industry. You will download the competitor financial ratios into Excel. Once you have these competitor financial ratios in Excel, you will save that Excel sheet as a PDF and submit it to Waypoint.


Prior to beginning work on this assignment,

  • Complete the Week 2 – Learning Activity in Amplifire.
  • Review Chapter 11 of Essentials of finance.
  • Watch the following video: 
  • Construct Appendix D:

    Using the Mergent database in the university library, and following the instructions in the BUS401 | Retrieving Industry Ratios Using Mergent (Links to an external site.) video from above complete the following:

    • Retrieve the industry competitor ratios for the most recent year.
    • Download the competitor ratios you retrieved as an Excel document.
    • Calculate the average ratio for the industry for each ratio.
    • Format the Excel spreadsheet according to the video instructions.
    • Then save competitor ratios as a PDF. Title this PDF file “Appendix D” and submit it to Waypoint.

    The Company Ratios: Appendix D,

    • Must contain industry competitor ratios for the most recent year.
    • Must include the calculations for the average ratio for the industry for each ratio.


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