Respond To (2) Colleagues D1W1 Granth Respond to two (2) Colleagues “see attachment for detail instructions”: * 3 – 4 paragraphs per colleagues * No plagia

Respond To (2) Colleagues D1W1 Granth Respond to two (2) Colleagues “see attachment for detail instructions”: * 3 – 4 paragraphs per colleagues * No plagia

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Respond To (2) Colleagues D1W1 Granth Respond to two (2) Colleagues “see attachment for detail instructions”: * 3 – 4 paragraphs per colleagues * No plagiarism* APA citing  

48 hours Discussion 1: Reflection and Shared Practice
Each week you will have the opportunity to learn, practice, and then assess your knowledge through readings, lectures, discussion forums, and assignments or tests. Not all of these activities are graded, but ALL are important to your success in this course. Please take the time to carefully review the reading material and lectures, as they will ultimately contribute to your ability to complete assignments and discuss the week’s content with your fellow classmates.
Upon successful completion of this week’s lesson, you should be prepared to: 
· Define your vision and value for your brand of performance consulting
· Build a portfolio of products and services that you have already delivered

To prepare for this Discussion:

Please select the link below to open and view this week’s lecture: 

Week 1

In addition, please read the following articles: 
McCabe, L., & Lindsay, M. (2018). The Big Four’s leap of faith: The Big Four are developing capabilities far beyond accounting and auditing. How did they upturn the consulting business? Acuity, 5(1), 32–37. Retrieved from

 Oldham, B. (2018). Performance consulting: The ideal tool for ensuring a project adds real value. Human Resources Magazine, 23(1), 22–23. Retrieved from


Respond to at least two of your peers’ postings in one or more of the following ways:

· Share an insight about what you learned from having read your peers’ postings and discuss how and why your peer’s posting resonated with you professionally and personally.
· Offer an example from your experience or observation that validates what your peer discussed.
· Offer specific suggestions that will help your peer build upon his or her own virtual communication.
· Offer further assessment or insight that could impact your peer’s future communications.
· Share how something your peer discussed changed the way you view things.

· 3 – 4 paragraph response per each colleagues

No plagiarism

APA citing

Bottom of Form

1st Colleague – Jamie Beatty  

Discussion 1 – Week 1

Jamie Beatty

Top of Form

Top of Form
Question A:
Good evening everyone! My name is Jamie Beatty, I am originally from Rhode Island, but spent most of my adult life in Maryland, however 5 years ago we moved to San Antonio, Texas. I was Active Duty within the Air Force for several years before becoming a Department of the Air Force Civilian which accumulates to 24 years serving for the USAF both Active duty and Civil duty. My main job for the Air Force is Human Resources but as anything in the military, I am Dual Hatted as the Chief of Military Personnel and the Director of Operations of Support Services, so with these duties I currently manage about 50 + people.   I received my BS in Multidisciplinary here at Grantham about a year ago and I am now back working on my master’s degree in performance improvement and working on a master’s degree with the Air Force.  I have been married for 21 years this past July and we have 3 wonderful children, 20, 18 and 14.  Sometimes it feels as we live in a zoo because we have 5 dogs, two pet rabbit and 2 hamsters.  I have a hobby as a Pampered Chef Director because I love to bake and got tired of paying someone else’s commission. 
Question B:
Working in the Human Resource field for 24 years, you would think that my expertise in performance consulting training would be at an expertise level-however it is not.  Too answer this question I had to google what a performance consulting is.  I am hoping being in this class it will help me understand what it is and how I can use it in my Human Resource Job.  As far as workplace training, I feel that I am an expert in it as I am the training manager in my current office for the younger Airmen in my Office.  In addition, the Air Force is big on ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to develop themselves thru training that they have an extensive training program set up for both Airmen, Officers and Civilian members.  I take advantage of it every year-free education, can’t ask for anything better.
Bottom of Form

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

2nd Colleague – Susan Christmas

Susan Christmas 

Week 1 Discussion

Top of Form

Question A

My name is Susan Christmas and I live in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast with my husband. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration; this is my sixth class for the Performance Improvement master’s degree. Back in March of 2020 I had begun taking computer science classes through Grantham, but quickly realized that was not the right path for me. My husband is almost twice my age and is legitimately retirement age, but I still have quite a few good years in me (I turn 39 in a few weeks) to continue pursuing a career, if I so choose.
I have several years of management experience in the healthcare field but feel drawn to Human Resource careers. For now, I plan to just focus on earning this degree while enjoying my retired life with my husband, but then return to the workforce if/when it feels right. My current knowledge of this course is somewhat minimal, and I only know what I have learned in the five previous Performance Improvement courses. I hope to learn more about performance consultants, but as of now I do not feel like I will be interested in pursuing that specific career.

Question B

I have zero experience with performance consulting and have a little bit of experience with workplace training. Previously, when I was an office manager for a rural hospital, I had become a “super user” for training the staff on how to use the software system for the new Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Being a super user meant that I had been given additional training on the entire software program (not just the sections that pertained to my department). I was then able to guide and train the other departments once the trainers from the software company had returned to their headquarters.
Since I am not currently employed, I cannot truly answer the question about whether my employer feels that training is essential to the workplace. However, in most of my past jobs, I do feel my employers realized the importance of training. I have absolutely no expertise in this field, but I look forward to learning more as we get through this eight-week course.   
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Bottom of Form
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form

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