Responses to the prompts about the key points from the Freire reading

Responses to the prompts about the key points from the Freire reading

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Briefly answer the following questions to the best of your ability (could be a sentence or two about each, but could be more if you like):

Who was Paulo Freire? 

Where was he working and who was he working with? 

What was the broader context for this work? 

What are the two or three main points that you think he is making in his arguments in the Banking Concept chapter? 

What are some ways that you think his arguments may or may not apply to your own education in the context of UWB and IAS, or in terms of your education more broadly? 

What are some ways that you see Freire’s arguments overlapping with what Antonio Gramsci seems to be getting at in the fragment/reading from his work–perhaps particularly in terms of the last question about your own critical thinking, self-imagination, and education (and within that perhaps especially at a historical moment like the one we are living through right now)? And if you didn’t look up Gramsci, his biography explains a lot about what the heck he might be talking about here!

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