Strategic Management Analysis: Netflix

Strategic Management Analysis: Netflix

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Include the following:

  1. Description of the organization and its organization structure.  Include the organization’s mission statement.
  2. External environment analysis
  3. Internal environment analysis
  4. Using Porter’s Five Forces, describe the nature of the industry in which the company fits
  5. What are your organization’s most critical competitive advantages?
  6. How did your organization develop its advantages?
  7. How sustainable are your organization’s advantages? What is your assessment of your organization’s competitors and their ability to imitate your organization’s advantages?  Defend your answer based on a VRIO analysis.
  8. Cost Leadership position
  9. Product and Geographic Differentiation
  10. Describe any vertical integration
  11. How diversified is the firm?
  12. Does the firm have any strategic alliances? If not, should they?
  13. Merger & Acquisition strategy
  14. Your strategy recommendations for the firm
  15. Summary

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