Strategy Homework must be answered discussion the introduction and conclusion,  four questions must be on bullet points and numbering. Homework Topic overv

Strategy Homework must be answered discussion the introduction and conclusion,  four questions must be on bullet points and numbering. Homework Topic overv

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Strategy Homework must be answered discussion the introduction and conclusion,  four questions must be on bullet points and numbering. Homework Topic overview: Strategic Analysis for an Organization:

Strategy tools are vital for business and competitive analysis. These tools vary in terms of the level of analysis as some are found to be more suitable for analyzing the internal environment while others are more practical for the external environment analysis. How useful these strategic tools and models in helping decision-makers at organizations to make a better decision is a noteworthy question for investigation.
-This TMA is meant to assess the student’s ability in understanding, and application of the course materials and ideas from external sources, as well as to student’s reflection and critical thinking. It is also intended to test the student’s ability to argue relevantly and to justify a point of view besides, constructing, defending and evaluating an argument, using relevant evidence and giving reasons for conclusions.

Homework Topic

Renewable and Clean Energy in Automotive industry

Today, we are seeing an interest in clean energy procurement pop up in industries ranging from mining to manufacturing, as a result of a variety of motivators. In the beginning, the corporate renewables revolution was confined to the most environmentally progressive companies looking to meet sustainability goals. The increasingly competitive price of renewable energy is now inviting new industries to explore opportunities in the market. One of the most intriguing participants in the long-term renewable energy marketplace is the automotive industry. Renewable and clean energy is powering the future of the automobile industry. Gasoline and diesel may be the reigning champs, but it looks like they’ve got some competition. With growing concerns of the automotive industry’s impact on the environment through carbon emissions, where car owners are seeking alternative energy solutions that offer greater sustainability. Consumer demand for higher environmental consciousness is leading to a rise in sustainable mobility. Automobile manufacturers are witnessing a shift in the energy buying landscape.

You should answer the following four questions:

Question one: Critically discuss the key factors and forces in the general and industry environments that affect the demand for renewable and clean energy automobiles. (650 words)

Question two: Choose any manufacturer from automotive industry and based on your findings in Q one, discuss how these factors and forces affect your chosen manufacturer’s demand for their products and consequently their market position in this emerging industry. (350 words)

Question three: Discuss whether chosen manufacturer’s present and future market position is supported by its value chain and other key internal resources. Identify problems you think they are facing to meet these new upcoming challenges in this new emerging industry (650 words)

Question four: Critically discuss your chosen Business–Level-strategy. What are the challenges they might face to continue delivering its promises and stay ahead of competitors? Suggest ways by which they may sustain their worldwide market competitive position in future in this emerging industry. (350 words)


· Homework must be written in ESSAY (discussion) format for the introduction and conclusion, the question most be on bullet points and numbering.
· Word count should be exact with 10% (More/less) tolerance.
· You must acknowledge all sources of information using Harvard Style Referencing (In-text referencing plus list of references at the end). Minimum of three references are required. Wikipedia is not recommended as a reference.

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