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The below activities will help enhance your knowledge of HLP #6 and prepare you to create an engaging and inclusive lesson plan.

1.) Read the scenario. Then, select your grade sub-standard. Review the sub-standard ( Appendix A Lesson Plan.docx

Actions) for your upcoming lesson.

2.) Make a table/t-chart of the knowledge and skills embedded in the reading standard (RL 3.4 or RL 6.4)  and (3.SL.1 or 6.SL.1) and substandard you selected (T-Chart Sample-2.docx

Actions ). You will use the MDE Scaffolding (Links to an external site.) document to complete the T-chart.

a. What must students be able to know (Prerequisite/conceptual understanding) and do to be successful in this lesson?

b. Identify any particular knowledge or skills that might need to be explicitly taught.

c. Draft an end of lesson assessment for students to demonstrate their learning of the selected substandard. (Think about the 3 articles-assessment)

Harrsion’s Progress Monitoring Data

  • Review Harrison’s progress monitoring data that has been collected and note patterns and trends related to his fluency (Appendix B).
    1. Are there any data trends or patterns?
    2. What do the data points tell you about Harrison’s progress thus far?
    3. How does the data inform your initial thoughts regarding planning and instruction?
  • Review Harrison’s IEP (Appendix CActions). Next, consider any specific supports that students in the inclusive classroom might need. The following resources are helpful when selecting evidence-based practices, particularly for students with specific learning disabilities in reading. The link below provides evidence-based reading for adolescents.Evidence-Based Reading Instruction for Adolescents Grades 6-12:

You will complete the T-cahrt off of Harrison’s IEP, he is in the 5th grade but is on a 3rd grade level. The lesson plan has to be for a 5th grade. 

Appendix C is Harrison’s IEP

Please read directions before attempting an lesson plan and it has to be on an activity with name and all using the MS_CCRS Standards for 5th grade

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