Term Paper

Term Paper

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This Course is about Money and Banking. We are Learning the following in this Course

1. Explain the role of banks and the Federal Reserve System in the creation and destruction of money through the credit-granting/repayment process.
2. Describe the role and the tools and techniques of the Federal Reserve System in promoting price level stability.

3. Describe the major classifications of financial institutions, their roles, and functions in the US economy

4. Demonstrate understanding of the role of banks and the Federal Reserve & other Central Banks in international trade and finance.

5. Demonstrate knowledge of the central role of interest rates and an understanding of the structure of interest rate determination.

6. Describe the connection of the time value of money with financial markets and their assets

A short (8-10 pages) final research paper. You are expected to choose a topic of interest to you and pertinent to the course. The research effort should be concentrated on current/contemporary sources as noted above. It is expected that your presentation will be consistent with any one of the major style manuals for formal papers – – citations/documentation, bibliography/works cited, and all the basic conventions of grammar, etc.  Further, it is expected that each paper contains the following:  Cover Page, Abstract or Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Introduction, Clearly Identified Section Headings, and a Conclusion.

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