Unit 8 lab

Unit 8 lab

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A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that enables a remote user to have control over a

networked server or system securely. There are 3 different types of VPN servers; a Tunnel VPN, a

Transport VPN, and a Passthrough VPN. In this week’s lab was all about the difference between

secure and non-secure file transfers as well as how to configure a VPN Client to work with a

PFsense VPN Server. This is extremely important to know because being able to safely transfer files

without having them intercepted is part of what we are learning in Cybersecurity. I had issues

setting up the connection properly and then connecting the PC to the VPN. Luckily I was able to

figure it out and the accomplishment of setting up the first connection and seeing that it is up and

running is great. I do want to learn how to input codes within the command prompt without

instructions. I feel like that the basics should be taught when learning these things. The second part

of the lab was also about the secure and non-secure transfer of files but went a little more in-depth

with Wireshark. I was able to analyze the traffic coming through the VPN server through the use of

Wireshark and the filter function which was able to separate all of that traffic to whatever I

specified. Overall I learned a lot through this lab. I hope in future classes we get a more in-depth

hands-on experience of setting up these servers.

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