week 5 critical analysis

week 5 critical analysis

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 1. RDSJ4: Spade, Mutilating Gender (pp. 419-425) (see attachment)

2. RDSJ4: Meyerowitz, Introduction—How Sex Changed (pp. 388-390) (see attachment)

3. RDSJ4: Kacere, Transmisogyny 101 (pp. 394-398) (see attachment)

4. RDSJ4: Green, Look! No, Don’t! (pp. 439-441) (see attachment)

5. RDSJ4: Chess, et.al, Calling all Restroom Revolutionaries (pp. 459-461) (see attachment)

6. RDSJ4: Blumenfeld, Women & LGBT People Under Attack (pp. 378-380) (see attachment)

7. RDSJ4: Gokhale, The InterSEXion (pp. 391-394) (see attachment)

8. RDSJ4: Carbado, Privilege (pp. 367-373) (see attachment)

9. RDSJ4: Airen, Pansexual Visibility (pp. 398-400) (see attachment)

10. RDSJ4: Evans & Washington, Becoming an Ally  (pp. 447-455) (see attachment)

11. RDSJ4: Pharr, Reflections on Liberation (pp. 604-610)  (see attachment)

12. RDSJ4: Johnson, What We Can Do (pp. 621-627) (see attachment)

13. Hernandez: Becoming a Black man (see attachment)

14. Brune: When she graduates as He (see attachment)

15. Video: Toilet Training


16. Schlasko, transgender etiquette (see attachment)

17.  Video: Everyone Matters – Dignity and Safety for Transgender People


18.  Read: Ochs, Biphobia


19.  Video: Reteaching Gender and Sexuality


20.  Video: Wanda Sykes, That’s So Gay


21. Video: Hilary Duff, That’s So Gay


22.  Teaching Tolerance, Six Steps to Speak Up (see attachment)

23.  Blumenfeld: An LGBTIQ History: Part 1 to 5






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