Who Can Help Me With This Post? MGMT600 Human Resource Management homework help

Who Can Help Me With This Post? MGMT600 Human Resource Management homework help

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 Most Valuable/Most Needful

 Discuss what area(s) and/or topic(s) was most valuable to you in the overall course and in the preparation of the Diagnostic Analysis associated with your business model canvas. Also discuss where you need more preparation in order to be (more) effective in understanding diagnostic analysis and/or consulting. 

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Transportation Security Administration









Management teams- these partners are crucial in ensuring quality development of all employee enhancement

Employees- all internal activities get tailored to client expectations

Field team leader- they create conducive employment environment

Field officers-management of all transportation security safety operations is mandatory in creating valid connection with the TSA’s agency guideline


Handling of air traffic can get performed without hustle

Collaboration with Federal Air Marshals promotes quality when dealing with passenger security

Ensuring dangerous items do not get placed in airplanes is imperative

Use of diverse of technical skills is valid to enhance quality when dealing with resource utilization

Collection of intelligence from different areas produces quality when dealing with flight management scenarios


Improvement of intelligence using technology can promote better outcomes

Assessment of passenger manifests creates faster security checks

Purchase of items for searching passengers


Handling airport passengers with technical skills is crucial to prevent improper entry of items

Communication and interpersonal connection with passengers is mandatory



Handling different air passengers promotes TSA’s quality operations

Enhancement of security creates public trust in TSA

All persons who pass through security check points get provided with balance in their needs

Baggage handling is possible when dealing with client improvement scenarios

Improvement of technological adaptation produces better outcomes


Federal expenditure promotes quality operations for all TSA operations

The government funds all activities depending on fund allocation activities performed by the Department of Homeland Security

Each financial year gets handled by the Presidents budget (DHS, 2021).


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) indicated cost of $7,917,479 for financial year 2020 in terms of operations and support

Handling of aviation screening used $5,382,014 to produce high standard baggage management procedures

In total $8,300,481 got used to promote quality security operations in 2020



Management of airport screening sessions to prevent passengers from smuggling prohibited items

Improvement of airport security operations

Ensuring quality reporting of all security issues



Use of grants to promote program development and handling of all passengers’ needs

Integration of security programs with vast expertise in promoting quality safety




Organization Business Model


DATE: December 14, 2021

TO: All Employees

FROM: TSA Analyst

SUBJECT: Transportation Security Administration Organizational Business Model

This message is intended to connect to the process of developing the business model for TSA. It was possible to discover diverse activities the agency performs to ensure safety of all passengers. Working under supervision of Homeland Security produces better quality when dealing with the agency’s operations since it is possible to create accurate security constraints depending on the department’s vast research on criminal tactics.

It was possible to determine how airport passengers connected to all internal security measures by adhering to directions provided by TSA officers. Training officers is another crucial process performed to enhance quality when dealing with flight operations since there is a connection with current technological methods of promoting passengers’ safety.

TSA is clearly an imperative organization whose activities shall never get eliminated when dealing airport security and prevention of improper items getting smuggled into countries.

Thank you for your attention.



DHS. (2021). Department of Homeland Security-Transportation Security Administration. Retrieved 14 December 2021 from https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/transportation_security_administration.pdf.

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